Koukaku Kidoutai | Ghost in the Shell (HDTV 1080p) [Judgment]

2017-12-21 12:25 UTC
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comparison can be found [here](http://comp.judging.it/index.php?seriesid=Koukaku%20Kidoutai&comparisonid=1080p-3) first of all i thank the_E_y_Es for his help. he spotted and marked lot of spots for me, which i could fix in return. this is a re-encode of my original release, since the source/MPEG2 stream is not available anymore. this is a huge improvement over the original video and as before a lot better than the BD source. this encode is not completely issue free and perfect. not all of the MPEG2/WMV artifacts could be fixed completely without damaging other areas of the video. the video is still quite dirty in places and not all spots have been fixed. tbh one could probably sit on this for an eternity and won't be able to fix them all. Video: - Several 1000 frames (severely damaged by MPEG2/WMV artifacts) were restored (per frame) - Several 100.000 spots on several 10.000 of frames were removed and fixed (per frame) - Frames edges were fixed (per scene) - Remnants of the Logo have been removed - Colour and range correction have been made (red/yellow tints etc.) (per scene) - Some combing remnants were fixed - Heavy sharpening artifacts were removed as good as possible (ringing/haloing) - Chroma bleeding has been fixed - Everything was cleaned up to remove encoding artifacts - Everything was stabilised - Banding was removed (per scene) - Frames were matched to the BD source (audio matches properly now) Audio: - Japanese audio: Sourced from a DTS-HD MA track - Japanese audio: Cut to make it properly sync with the video (bad mastering, BD audio wasn't in sync on the BD) - Japanese audio: A missing dialogue line was added - Japanese audio: The original Japanese ending theme was re-inserted (U2's "One Minute Warning" replaced with "Reincarnation") - English audio: Sourced from the 6.1 DTS-ES track instead of the UK BD's DTS-HD MA track because of severe mastering problems, same problems on the US DTS stream - English audio: Problems were missing sound effects and bad mixing (more infos [here](http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/bbs/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2896004) and [here](http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?p=9829688#post9829688)) Subtitle: - The opening Sign was redone - Song lyrics were added - Dialogue styling was adjusted - Some lines were fixed for some history of the several stages of my filtering you can look at [these](http://comp.judging.it/index.php?seriesid=Koukaku%20Kidoutai&comparisonid=1080p-1) [two](http://comp.judging.it/index.php?seriesid=Koukaku%20Kidoutai&comparisonid=1080p-2) comparisons.

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  • [Judgment] Ghost in the Shell [1CE4C716].mkv (10.7 GiB)
Not long until we'll transition to completely redrawing this frame-by-frame


Been waiting for this for ages. Thanks guys.
Appreciate it.
Thanks a lot
The v1 seems to retain more grain and looks better overall imo.

der_richter (uploader)

sure v1 does retain more grain because i cleaned it up, eg it was basically degrained. if you seriously think that mpge2 artifacts, blends, broken levels etc. are acceptable, then be happy and stay with v1.
Are you gonna do it all over again when the MPEG2 source is found/a new BD is made?

der_richter (uploader)

yes, assuming in the case of a new BD that it actually fixes the sever shortcomings of the current master.
The v3 is about 80% done according to richter's post on this thread. Looking forward to it. https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1223-post-51119.html#pid51119
Which subs does this release have, retail BD?
here's a comparison between other releases = http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DP67GNNX here's a link to get the better one = https://pastebin.com/S5PwPGWB
@Windii Update: https://forum.fanres.com/thread-1223-post-59255.html#pid59255
@heynando thanks for the comparison. This one looks the best to me
@der_richter I can't believe an HDTVrip has more PQ than a retail BD, lazy producers! Thanks for your amazing job! PS: for V3, can you try x265 encoding?
Does anyone know where I can find the WOWOW release? It has the best unbiased detail retrieval.
Legendary. Thank you sooo much !
Anyone have a link for the V2 of this release? Doesn't seem to have been re-added to this version of the site. And I assume V3 is dead in the water atm?
hey, this release has a font issue, where the subtitle file references the wrong font name for the opening song. fixed subs can be found [here](https://files.catbox.moe/vjsbgm.rar)
@Rrobynne This is the V2. V1 CRC: 2A6DFEBA (And only 5GB) V2 CRC: 1CE4C716 There's V3 screens on the judging.it site which does look better but its not released yet at least publicly