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2017-12-19 22:24 UTC
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Original name: Kyaputen Fyūchā Based on the sc-fi stories written by Edmond Hamilton and published 1940-1951 Character created by Mort Weisinger Year: 1978 Audio: Japanese RAW source: AST4U Blu-ray rip Subs: English File format: mkv+soft subs We are always looking for helpers! [Spotted mistakes? Report: ep, time, error.](https://southwindsubs.wordpress.com/projects/errors/) Please keep seeding, if you can! Allow other users to see it too!

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  • [South Wind Subs] Captain Future - 36.mkv (391.9 MiB)
Have a very happy 2018! This is one of my all time favorites. Hope you continue your work. Also if you have more of classic anime, please share the link.

South Wind Subs (uploader)

Also a very Happy New Year to you! - And this goes for all other viewers as well of course! - Nice to hear you like Captain Future so much! And don't worry: we will continue it. We hope to release a new voyage soon! After completion, we plan to do a few other projects too that we will share on our site and here. Just keep following us!
Happy New Year! and keep up the work. Since I noticed, I would like to address it. It not really that important, though. It's about the order of the tracks. Video should be track 1, audio 2 and subs 3+. Older player(s) like classic media player have trouble if subs don't start with track 3. It's simply not shown. It's not a problem for newer players or people in the know.

South Wind Subs (uploader)

Thanks for your comment and best wishes to you too! We will change the track order starting with the next voyage, thanks for pointing this out! At completion, we will make a batch with corrections for the previous episodes.
You're welcome. Don't have to recompile everything, though. I was thinking of adding some magic to the OP/ED for my own use but, honestly, I don't know what kind since it's kind of plain.