Video Girl Ai 2018 - Teaser [SkewedS] (FHD)

2017-12-18 17:04 UTC
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![alt text]( "I am Ai Amano") So we will be taking on a new project, Video Girl Ai 2018 JDrama! Like what we were supposed to do in our dropped Death Note JDrama series, here is the iteration of the subtitle versions: 1> beta version - If you have followed our releases, we (well, mostly me, Ais) would release beta versions of English subtitles that are intended for those who cannot wait. - These beta versions can contain errors in translation, grammar, typo, among others - SRT softsub version only; will be released and be available at D-addicts - Hopefully, these versions will be released at most 72 hours after the raws and Japanese captions are available. The sooner the better. 2> v1 - Translation checked, edited, and typesetted in ASS softsub format - ASS soft subtitles will be released and posted along with the fonts at D-addicts and our site - Specifically made for the best raw version we could find (please DoA, release your version as you guys are the best haha) - Muxed version will be released in Nyaa and Mega (links at our site) - Xdelta3 patches for the best raw version will be available at our site (maybe also D-addicts) - Hopefully, this version will released at most 2 weeks after the best raw version is available. 3> Final version - Intended to be released in the final batch when the series is done - Fix inconsistencies in the v1 version, if there are any - xdelta3 patches for the v1 version will be released for the final version - ASS soft subtitles will be released and posted along with the fonts at D-addicts and our site - Batched final muxed versions will be released in Nyaa (removing the individual episode torrents) and Mega (links at our site) If you are interested in translation checking this project, kindly email us at Let's hope we will able to pull this off haha For now, here is the v1 version of the teaser that has been released on Youtube not so recently. FHD (1920x1080 softsubbed mkv) - [Mega](!MDxkhYRR!2J7LsLH4WrQ6z0lL2KJzYwjQzSclUemJu_yYhALdKQ4) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:YDV5TAAI52MTNN4R6CNFVHF52222JYQQ&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+Teaser+%5BSkewedS%5D+%28FHD%29& FWVGA (854x480 hardsubbed mp4) - [Mega](!kSJnRBLB!2SZcrq6oJrgsZm6UlbZS9aTqhRTGZDh_xrQlE899Wvw) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:HDRDQJ326FPBPVQH5L5E3EJR6P5VLMML&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+Teaser+%5BSkewedS%5D+%28FWVGA%29& Softsub script - [MediaFire]( | [D-Addicts]( Stream - [DailyMotion]( (pw: tl-skeweds) PS: You can also check out our release of Video Girl Ai 1991 Live Action movie which we released eons ago [here]( If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - | |

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hmmmmm ... I remember the original anime series of this, and the live action movie they did a few years later ......... now another new live action version ....... :-)
Thank you.Well,i guess there are no English sub version for the first live action film,again only Spanish subs.

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

@fenson, look at the PS of the post :)
" (please DoA, release your version as you guys are the best haha)" Haha, I know this feeling all too well.
@ TL-SkewedS would it be possible to get a re-seed on the first live action movie of this that you did ... I notced that there was only 1 seed ... it would be nice to get a copy of that movie also :-)

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

@komugi We don't really have a seedbox and my upload speed also sucks, but I'll do what I can. You can try downloading the Mega link provided in that post too. Anyone here, please help komugi in seeding it in case komugi can't download using Mega please! Thanks!