[SmugCat] Yuri!!! on ICE - Vol.1 [BD 810p 10bit FLAC]

2017-12-03 10:54 UTC
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https://smug.cat | https://twitter.com/smugcatfs We’re on the lookout for experienced timers and typesetters, so if one of our future projects aligns with your interests, it’d be great to have you contribute your skills! Additionally, if you’re a timer/typesetter/encoder who wants to do a certain show but you either A) don’t have a group to work with, or B) your group(s) don’t want to do the show, come on over to SmugCat! We won’t turn down an unloved anime. Yuri on Ice was animated at 810p, so we're sticking to that resolution. This release features the NCOP/ED spliced into the video. We used Crunchyroll's script and have edited it, and used YnK's (a Spanish subbing group) OP karaoke. Special thanks to motbob for the encode, typesetting and QC; without him, this release probably wouldn't exist. We strongly recommend watching our releases using [mpv](https://mpv.io/)! If you fancy a chat, feel free to join us in our IRC channel. If you spot any mistakes, please contact Kuromii on IRC so that changes can be made for the eventual batch release.

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Thanks! Not sure if it's of any value, but I was talking to DJATOM the other day and he mentioned Yuri!!! on ICE is made up of both 720p and 810p scenes.
>Yuri!!! on ICE is made up of both 720p and 810p scenes. I'm watching through to see the native res of every scene already, since (for example) the title zooms don't seem to be a straight 810p --> 1080p upscale. Thanks for that bit of info since it'll redouble my motivation to pay close attention.
@Scyrous I was wrong, it's plain 810p. Sorry for misinformation.
This is an awesome release. Thank you!