[R23] Shokugeki no Souma - San no Sara (Food Wars! S3) - 08 [1080p] [x264 AAC] [10bit] [Multi-subbed]

2017-11-24 11:49 UTC
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thanks [Astral](https://nyaa.si/user/Astral) for the OP I have Typesetted the English subs Source [Erai Raws](https://nyaa.si/view/980809) [Info of the torrent](https://pastebin.com/YEZZhP60) If there is any problem please report in the [Discord](https://discord.gg/X83NTfT) channel My internet is slow so please seed after Downloading to the users who want Box 8 of DBS, I am stalling it because I am working with OGG to do Boxes 6 and 7, I have done Box 6,he is checking for errors and will upload the subs in his site.

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  • Episode 8 [5B77DFA1].mkv (959.0 MiB)
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really bad quality. omg you can't typeset for shit.
@ Faplord that's why he Pro-claims the Release of Box 8 of SUPER is Delayed because he's trying to better himself by Asking his Boyfriend he hooked up with OGG to do all the Grunt Work for him since he knows his shit is Horrible. under the reason of wanting to learn more but don't take the Responsibility to learn himself but Relies on Others to do it.

Raiyan23 (uploader)

@faplord lol,ye I know that my typesetting is shit

Raiyan23 (uploader)

@ChocolateDonut84 I am not relying on OGG to do Box 8,HE is relying on me,I do most of the things,and he just Quality Checks it/fixes some wrong translations
Sure he does then Why fucking hold up the release of box 8 if your reasoning is not Bullshit. your the one who said you needed to learn more then just mux then you teamed up with ogg for them to take the load of the grunt work for you otherwise box 8 would have been uploaded and done with moths ago. But now you claim to be busy with other projects to bother uploading it now. Come back to other work after the upload of box 8 is completed but knowing you'll probably just ignore Box 8 for a few more months again. PS I'll shitting on you until Box is Uploaded and I can do it everyday before and after work. Maybe between lunch breaks to on my tablet. Wouldn't Stop until you fucking upload it.

Raiyan23 (uploader)

@ChocolateDonut84 thx
Insulting someone and their work will make them work faster, apparently.