[neko-raws] Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive [BD][1920x804p][FLAC][multilingual].mkv

2017-11-21 12:56 UTC
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Hello people. Happy World Television Day for you all. This is an extra gift for this glory day. Yes, what a day to remember~ Anyway, the reason I encoded this movie was because, first I like the final fantasy genre. And secondly there's not such a version with that many languages released or even alive. So I decided to make it happen. Yes, it's huge. Why? Because of those many 5.1 audio I added. And because I like the quality. Because some people have a cinema surround system and wanna listen to the best and watch the best, deal with it. There's coming one or few surprises considering how many people already know about it or not. So look forward to that. No neko-raws release btw. It's something external. Video Source: JP BD Resolution: 1920x804 Hi10P Audio Source: Japanese 5.1 FLAC (JP BD) English 5.1 FLAC (german BD) German 5.1 FLAC (german BD) Polish 5.1 FLAC (german BD) Russian 5.1 FLAC (german BD) Spanish 5.1 FLAC (german BD) Subs: English #1 English #2 Danish Estonian Finnish German Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Audio and Subs were both taken from official BDs. Media Info at my homepage! Because it was too long for the torrent description, lmao~ https://neko-raws.moe/

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  • [neko-raws] Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive [BD][804p][FLAC].mkv (19.1 GiB)
holy shit! thanks a bunch, fellow cat!
In case anyone needs it, I exported and converted the subtitles to srt. Download link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F3QL34SvusuidEzPuHRa6zlnbS1fcIkC/view?usp=sharing

neko-raws (uploader)

Sry, I'm not really checking the comments here. you're very much welcome my friend, Bl4Cc4t.
Any chance I can get just the audios & subtitles?
[Google Drive](https://ibaramayaka.blogspot.com/2019/02/kingsglaive-final-fantasy-xv-1080p-bd.html)