[MaruChanSubs] The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl - Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke yo Otome (2017) 1080p (English Subs)

2017-11-17 08:38 UTC
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# The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl ## Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke yo Otome ![alt text](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/824234081672007680/dRIzESlX.jpg) **STORY** Over the course of a whirlwind evening in Kyoto, the beleaguered Senpai desperately tries to connect with his crush, the Raven-Haired Maiden, who only desires to spend the night enjoying the banquet of humanity Kyoto has to offer. **RELEASE NOTES** **Origin:** Japanese Blu-ray **Video:** 1080p/h264 **Audio:** 2 Japanese Audio tracks, DTS and AAC **Subtitles:** English! (Well duh, that's why you're here right?) I'm a translator/subber, not a wizard at encoding, so if you're confused about some of the choices I made, there wasn't that much logic behind it so don't bother thinking about it harder than I did. I included the original DTS file that came with the Blu-ray because the AAC I got from encoding didn't quite have the same oomph, and I included the AAC because... well, I dunno, it just didn't feel right without it, I guess. But cheers, there's both 6 channel and 2 channel audio to choose from. **TRANSLATION NOTES** There is an official translation of sorts, but I haven't seen it, so there will be quite a lot of variation from that. Hope it doesn't mess with your mind too much if you're revisiting the movie after seeing it at a festival or something. I DID purposefully take one character name from it, however, which is Don Underwear. (Seriously, that was too good to pass up.) The heroine is often referred to as the Girl with Black Hair, but I used Raven-Haired Maiden since this was a term that often came up in the version of Tatami Galaxy that I watched. I kept in all honorifics and left no translator's notes -- I'm assuming that the audience for this fansub has enough knowledge to get by already and can use Google to learn more about things mentioned in the movie. **FINAL NOTE** I hate to be that hypocritical guy but please, if the opportunity comes up for you to support this movie, please do so. The major reason I went ahead and did these subs is that there's not many chances to see it apart from big-city festivals. But, if you DO get the chance to see it in theaters or buy it on the format of your choice, maybe consider it? That is all. Please, enjoy.

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  • [MaruChanSubs] The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl - Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke yo Otome (2017) 1080p (English Subs).mkv (3.8 GiB)
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Have been looking forward to it for a long time. Thanks for the subs!
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I have no idea what's happening but I'm sure that's Yuasa's fault and not yours.
Absolutely based
Thank you so much for your hard work
why is this torrent so hyped? i haven't ever heard of this title
Use the DTS track if you can, the AAC track isn't encoded well.
does walking on the girl make the trip to daytime faster :0


Thank you very much! If it's possible, sub Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta too, please.


oh, nice. ![](https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/41/1.0)![](https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/41/1.0)![](https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/41/1.0)
Do i need to watch Tatami Galaxy first to understand this??
>Do i need to watch Tatami Galaxy first to understand this?? You don't need to, but why shouldn't you? It's a good show.
Can someone please extract the subs and upload them ? i already have the raw version & my connexion is too bad for downloading another 3.5gb. i'll have to wait forever. Thanks in advance
Added a only subtitles torrent for people who have the raw file. Don't know if it's synced, but I hope it is. If [MaruChanSubs] asks to take it down, I will.
im wondering if this in 8bits or hi10?
Thanks for your hard work.
Thank you so much!
never heard this title. underrated or a little obscure ?
Holy shit, this translation is top-grade. Seriously good job keeping fansubs alive! The movie itself is wonderful, as expected.
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Thank you MaruChan for your work and keeping it going.