[PAS] Made in Abyss - 01 [BD 1080p AAC] [07A07BA0].mkv

2017-11-01 18:32 UTC
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Info about release on site. #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net https://pas.moe ~~If you encounter any playback problems with the release, make sure you’re using either the latest Kawaii Codec Pack or CCCP.~~ Sorry, most of the people working on this haven't really fansubbed in years and apparenty CCCP and KCP are no longer the standard everyone subs to. Use [mpv](https://mpv.srsfckn.biz) or manual installations of MPC-HC/MPC-BE + madVR + LAV Filters + xySubfilter. XDCC available on IRC.

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  • [PAS] Made in Abyss - 01 [BD 1080p AAC] [07A07BA0].mkv (625.3 MiB)
Sank joletb , KoolKidsK and himitsu.
Alright, Frank.
this was soo quick release! You should take time because we wont likely rewatch this so early....
Are these your own subs or is it based on another group's or official ones?
^ read description
@BlazeBlazer speak for yourself
i'm guess Scum doesn't do BD right?

PA-Subs (uploader)

@Moriya, correct. eXmendic is our buddy haha He said he the quality of Wakanim wasn't going to be too different from BDs so he has no interest in it.
Looking forward to episode 10 in glorious B(loo)D(y) quality. :D
@Moriya Yeah, like PA-Subs said, it's not worth the visual quality difference imo. But there is another reasons as well. I dislike simply putting the TV speedsubs on a BD version. Just having a different video (with visual changes) isn't a real improvement for me. My TV subs weren't flawless. For BD's you don't have to release ASAP and actually should invest some time for an almost perfect result. I don't have the time for that and I'm sure PAS is doing a great job for this show. I would only consider doing something like that when I haven't released a TV version and no one else is doing a decent release.
hey guys. I have something to show you. either someone encoded with the wrong script or you should redo it and actually scene filter it, because obviously this encode isn't. banding, artifacts. aliasing etc. I don't mean no offend at all, but pictures say more than thousand words. everyone make mistakes. so this is just a friendly reminder. http://puu.sh/ydKGO/08620916e8.png frame 553 http://puu.sh/ydKGp/a58af78e56.png frame 5418 http://puu.sh/ydKFv/6ad90ef041.png frame 6906 http://puu.sh/ydKEN/1883bbcc73.png frame 27441 in this last picture you even killed half of the details of his hat. the line just stopped to exist.
These claims are false. https://diff.pics/gclmy1L_3iTh/1 Fix your playback setup.
my playback device is just fine as you can see here http://puu.sh/yegeE/95c67eb66a.png the screenshots I mentioned above were made in avisynth and are non filtered of source. I want to archive a good all around fansub thats why I mentioned this. I heard really good stuff about this anime and thats also a reason I want to download a good release. and since good people worked on this one I wanted to be helpful and mention it. I wouldn't mention it if I hadn't encode the first ep myself. the first one is my encode and the second is this one https://diff.pics/nsOQ5NPQ4-UV/1 both screenshotted with the same method. I don't want my playback device to do the job of an encoder. but its ok. nevermind me. just for my personal interest I'm getting it checked by some other people if I'm just hallucinating things. I won't write any more. as I said, I just wanted to help and it's not needed. have a great weekend mate~
protip: don't discard the LSB when taking screenshots from a high bit-depth source
@neko-raws: if avisynth allows it, try taking 16-bit depth PNG screenshots. Or use mpv with its default config of `screenshot-high-bit-depth=yes` and hit S (which should grab the screenshot from the demuxer). As joletb pointed out, the problem you're seeing likely isn't a problem with the encode at all, but your way of taking screenshots.

PA-Subs (uploader)

@neko-raws, frames 553, 27441 and presumably 5418 (I didn't check this one but it seems like the same thing that 27441 did) are fine when you take a screencap with correct bit-depth from what I saw. Frame 6906 is still kinda screwy even with correct bit-depth, however, so thank you for letting us know. We'll try to keep that in mind moving forward.
Yup, the problem was on my end. I apologize for that.