[meep] Bluesteel Blasphemer Light Novel Vol 1-3

2017-10-31 23:48 UTC
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https://myanimelist.net/manga/88682/Bluesteel_Blasphemer ~ [meep] Bluesteel Blasphemer Light Novel Vol 1-3 https://nyaa.si/user/Darkmeep ~ Created by Ichirou Sakaki, Tera Akai Tags: Action, Fantasy ~ https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/bluesteel-blasphemer-volume-1 Yukinari Amano loves guns. After reincarnating into another world, the young man goes on a journey with Dasa, the younger sister of the girl who gave him a second life. However, while on the road, the pair are attacked by a local deity—an “erdgod.” No normal person could possibly defeat one—so when Yukinari uses his knowledge of guns and newfound abilities to do the impossible, he becomes worshipped as the area’s new god himself! Get ready for an alternate-reality, gun-and-sword-filled, action-packed adventure! ~ ~ I love reading and want to share what I have. Volume 3 came out at the start of the month, all files from kobo. I think someone uploaded a couple of the new books already, you guys might have some of the files already but here you go.

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ths 4 this, Darkmeep.

Darkmeep (uploader)

@mddr No problem. The next Bluesteel Blasphemer volume won't be released until December 24, 2017.