Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau (Children of the Whales) - 03 (Web 1080p).mkv

2017-10-21 16:18 UTC
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  • Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau (Children of the Whales) - 03 (Web 1080p).mkv (921.4 MiB)
O.O Thanks for release!!!
So the release date is really saturday, okay...
@Anirent, The release date depends upon which station was recorded by the “cappers” - the people who capture the multi-gigabyte raws from the Japanese HDTV broadcasts. (we rarely see those 4GB+ *.TS files here, the files we see instead have already had the commercials stripped out and have been re-encoded into much more compact formats that unfortunately, for those of us learning Japanese, also have had the closed caption subtitles stripped out.) The TV guide entry I found for this series has the broadcast starting at 23:00 Sunday evening Japan time (GMT+9) which translates to 7 AM Sunday in my timezone (pacific standard time - GMT-8)
It's possible to get the ep lossless ?
This *is* lossless.
@eraser, This release is not lossless in the mathematical sense because both the H.264 (video) and the AAC (audio) codecs used within this MKV container toss out fine detail data during encoding. In my twelve years of working with computer video, I have yet to find a mathematically lossless codec that is capable of producing files this tiny from a non-trivial half-hour video. (most lossless codec sets result in 7GB files when fed even a 25 minute SD [640 x 480] animation video) @alkoon, Because of the file sizes involved, (10.8 GB in this episode's case) finding a release that has been encoded with a mathematically lossless codec set is unlikely.
Thanks for the overly pedantic comment.
In what way was refuting the claim of 27 October that “this is lossless” and providing the technical reasons for that claim being incorrect being “overly pedantic”?
Come on eraser, you *knew* that if you said this is lossless, someone would correct you on it. Don't be that guy.
It seems pretty clear to me the person asking the question was referring to a lossless remux (i.e. untouched, as opposed to a lossy transcode of the Web source). I responded accordingly. There's nothing to "correct" because it's not technically wrong in the first place.