[Ah-le-le] Detective Conan Movie 01 - The Time Bombed Skyscraper (Remastered) (BDRip 1080p 10bit FLAC TrueHD) [5959B33F].mkv

2017-10-18 14:53 UTC
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**Detective Conan Movie 01 - The Time-Bombed Skyscraper (4K Digital Remastered)** ![Conan Movie 01](https://puu.sh/y18XD/c9085edee0.jpg) **Source:** [BDMV](https://nyaa.si/view/928384) Thanks, **israelsilva1989** **Filter:** Denoise, Deband **Video:** x264 10-bit 1920x1080 @CRF 17.0 [Mediainfo](https://pastebin.com/D1nveKQX) **Audio:** Japanese FLAC 2.0, TrueHD 5.1 (default) **Subs:** English ASS (restyled from darkdream release)

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  • [Ah-le-le] Detective Conan Movie 01 - The Time Bombed Skyscraper (4K Digital Remastered) (BDRip 1080p 10bit FLAC TrueHD) [5959B33F].mkv (7.6 GiB)
Downloading this just because it's BDRip 1080p and the Fansub name is Ah-le-le. Thanks for the upload.
any plan to release 720 version? And what's new from this remastered version with old version?

bex39 (uploader)

@bleach77 no plan for 720p atm, check this screenshot [old](http://i.imgur.com/OMmD1fd.jpg) vs [remastered](https://storage.animetosho.org/sframes/0006ee38_2810310.png)
@bex39 : ah i see.thanks for your hardwork. Really hope you will do 720 version too someday.:)
there is a problem with the sound

bex39 (uploader)

@Spectra can you tell me the details?
@bex39 well i open it and just at the beginning it started to...lets say instead of them talking, they squeaked you know like when you use your nails and scratch the board when you are in the classroom and it wasnt once but this might be just me since no one else is saying anything about it

bex39 (uploader)

what about the other audio track? does it has same problem? maybe some part of the file is corrupt, check crc32 just in case, if crc32 match maybe it's player issue, idk tho..
i have been checking and now everything ok thx
I nearly burst out laughing when I saw the group name. It's perfect! xD As for this release, I haven't grabbed it yet, but I'm betting these movies look absolutely fantastic in HD. Definitely worth a re-watch for me. ^_^
need seeders huaaaaaaaa!!!!