[Weltall Subs] Dies Irae The Animation Episode 0 and 1

2017-10-18 04:42 UTC
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A fan translation of Dies Irae The Animation done by fans of the game who are displeased with HorribleSubs' treatment of the show. Includes episodes 00 and 01. Enjoy!

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i can't believe how badly horriblesubs is translating this show. thank you for saving it from them.
Is the game good? (Minus the DLCs)
Wouldn't it make more sense for you guys to be mad at Crunchyroll since Horriblesubs just dumps their subs from them? :/
@Mesu The DLCs are actually the routes of the game, only the common route is technically free, but the game is one of the finest visual novels I've had the pleasure of reading in my 13 years of playing these games, and it stands in my top 10 list near the top! @herkz Neither can I, I attended the premiere at Anime Weekend Atlanta and saw that this was going to be a hot mess of a sub job, which is why our group formed, because the show and the game/franchise deserve better treatment then this, so I hope you enjoy our work
actually i have no interest in the show and was just mocking you for blaming horriblesubs since they just ripped it
@hertz Small mistake, tho hopefully anyone else will see past that and not be quite as petty. We're new at this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The uploader so innocence...damn!
@RahtheRah How quickly will you guys be releasing your subs from now on after the episodes are released?
You now know that HS uses sources' subs, not their own. Will you edit your summary or leave it as it is?
Did you catch herkz's autism? Who gives a shit.