[Asenshi] Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau - Children of the Whales - 02 [3761B9AB].mkv

2017-10-16 01:10 UTC
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948.0 MiB
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[\#animesenshi@irc.rizon.net](irc://irc.rizon.net/animesenshi) https://asenshi.moe

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  • [Asenshi] Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau - Children of the Whales - 02 [3761B9AB].mkv (948.0 MiB)
Yayyy thank you!!
@eraser I don't mind slow as long as they sub past episode 6 tbh.
i'll wait for you! thanks
now, let us start the translation. thank you
Why is each episode nearly a gig?
@Mormegil because it was encoded with a constant rate factor of 16.5 to preserve video quality.
awesome, thanks!.
@Anirrent: What "translation"? All you people ever translate into that language are nothing but awkward lines to the point it sounds like Google Translate.
Mormegil, the larger releases like this are intended for collectors and they tend to use lossless codecs and 10bpc color, etc. Some groups release a collector's version in 1080p and have the "normal" version as 720p, other groups release "normal" versions over the season and collector's versions as a batch later. Other groups, like Asenshi, just release the collector's version and leave it up to the user to reencode if necessary.
@Mayobe that's wrong, the encoding isn't lossless, and there's no such hard distinction about "collectors" vs "normal". Groups release the quality they want to release. In this case, the show has an art style that's demanding on the encoder, so naturally it'll be a large file if encoded with crf ratecontrol.
@eraser do bahamut virgin soul so we hae an actual release with 5.1 audio pls
Any notes in the subs calling the Japanese language "shit" again?
@kseniasolo - Virgin Soul is so shit it might not be even worth the fansubbing effort for it, even with 5.1 audio.
@CheekyKoala - That must be why we see 1080p 10-bit FLAC batches all over the place.