[Commie] The Ancient Magus' Bride - 01 [AB8A1FBF].mkv

2017-10-09 15:09 UTC
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  • [Commie] The Ancient Magus' Bride - 01 [AB8A1FBF].mkv (258.1 MiB)

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Lol, last comment should be enough to revive GJM's boss from the dead. Thanks as usual, Comemes~
i'd rather watch raw than commie
>plebmurrican title
"You should be watching this." Through your fanfiction translation? No, fuck you.
It's funny, coz this is the same staff that would have done it at GJM. Nice bias.
memes are good for you
I like how the people who were bitching about how others were "omg so mad xd" on nii-sama's torrents are now being asshurt plebs here.
Hay cummimie XD are you doing for AXZ bluray
Thank you Fyurie, Areki and Period!
iamevn and Helltilt too!


wtf i love commie now
My bad, was just going off a Discord comment from a little while ago. Thanks dudes!
>not "[Commie] 魔法使いの嫁 - 01 [AB8A1FBF].mkv" smh
Wonderful. Appreciate it.
Commie - Endstory 2 WHEN?
was wondering what show herkz was planning on ruining this season
Good thing herkz isn't working on it then, right, Xolo? Reading comprehension is hard for some.
>implying i would even watch this trash
Even death can't stop Fyurie from subbing bad shows
So, commie once again absorb GJM staff just like they did to Kaylith right? BTW, this smell so good bois.
>meme sub for meme anime deserved
>follow @dozo That's not the right Dozo.
wtf i dont have to get hs now
gjm's subs were better
You ppl don't even meme anymore, just brawl on twitter - mainly herkz. Anyway, thanks for this. Be well, cheers!