[HorribleSubs] Black Clover - 01 [720p].mkv

2017-10-03 10:50 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Black Clover - 01 [720p].mkv (325.5 MiB)
this one looks like it is going to be "sneaky" yaoi ... I'll pass on this one
@komugi go back to dbs faggot
Wow. This anime looks promising.. :)
Loud AS F annoying character of the season spotted :)
This was really bad
@Windy your name fits you perfecty: You're full of air a.k.a shit
@Kuntby Why because I don't like this loud main character? I'm soooo sorry that we don't have similar taste ... you little pos.
THIS IS AMAZING ly shitty.
Kuntby must be a little kid who loooooooooovvvvveeeees this show ... or actually a pretend adult with the mind of an idiot child
wtf i'm 12 too please how can I join this shitflinging?
Whenever there’s no girl on the anime logos, be sure its a shit anime and full of homos!
* The animation is decent except for those fucking CGI chains fuck !! * The MC is fucking annoying as hell does he really have to scream everytime he speaks?!!! * OSTs are nice * The story as a whole is not original classic shounen hero wanna be king of something type but details about the clover and stuff were good * We hope thinks goes better in the future
Thought I'd give this a try because of that one faggot who defended the anime but boy was this piece of trash fucking bad. I was cringing so fucking hard throughout the entire episode it was so bad and clichéd lmao
The same group of people who un-ironically think Fairy Tail is a good anime will probably enjoy this
yup feel like another version of fairy tail.
fairy tale with naruto character ripoff's
Even in a fucking torrent comments section what the fuck is wrong with you "only bad on the internet people", seriously!?
Asta VA please stop. You ruin the series.
Yeah, this one is going to be hard to like. Unless someone gets a little freaky with the nun next week, it's a drop.
@man00ver I read the mango. No one's going to get freaky with the nun for this season or for a long time. Just drop it.
Faggotry confirmed. Dropped for the voice alone.
Gonna wait for dubbed
It's pretty good actually... even though the MC's voice IS annoying when he is being loud, this show is still pretty promising. It's a matter of taste I guess..
the mc yelling is a little bit annoying everything else is fine.
This looks like a mix of Fairy tail and Naruto. Could have known when I saw studio pierot. I wonder how long I can hold on until this because annoying af.
Such a cancerous mix of Naruto and Fairy Tail, god... I'll pass.