[Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - [1080p][BD][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio]

2017-10-02 11:01 UTC
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This is a 10 bit HEVC / x265 reencode of [Coalgirls' ](https://nyaa.si/user/Coalgirls "Coalgirls' profile") 12.7 gb release of Serial Experiments Lain, with the flac audio encoded down to AAC to reduce file size. I also fixed the subtitles in both the OP and ED and the episodes themselves - some font styles were missing from the source, so I added them back. The OP and ED were also remerged with each episode (Coalgirls had seperated the OP and ED from the episodes and linked them to each episode using the video container's metadata instead of each episode containing a copy of OP and ED) in order to simplify playback on external video players which may not be able to find the referenced files. Chapters for the OP and ED are still in place too to be able to quickly skip OP or ED if so desired. Here are some comparison shots of my encode vs [Coalgirls' encode ](https://nyaa.si/view/172098 "Coalgirls' encode") Keep the file size differences in mind. Source 1. https://extraimage.net/images/2018/04/15/aa97c78a8d380b81d34e791a71372820.jpg 2. https://extraimage.net/images/2018/04/15/d51ff21ee91f0422138d90e8c57ef1ba.jpg 3. https://extraimage.net/images/2018/04/15/665c5113fd36341eeb486978a9c423e9.jpg Mine 1. https://extraimage.net/images/2018/04/15/da4ae502ceeb8dde49a7aee67e56a471.jpg 2. https://extraimage.net/images/2018/04/15/c816958d4f6ff383495405b8f07b4748.jpg 3. https://extraimage.net/images/2018/04/15/48f4305e84361abb64cf27281db67543.jpg ### Synopsis Lain Iwakura, an awkward and introverted fourteen-year-old, is one of the many girls from her school to receive a disturbing email from her classmate Chisa Yomoda—the very same Chisa who recently committed suicide. Lain has neither the desire nor the experience to handle even basic technology; yet, when the technophobe opens the email, it leads her straight into the Wired, a virtual world of communication networks similar to what we know as the internet. Lain's life is turned upside down as she begins to encounter cryptic mysteries one after another. Strange men called the Men in Black begin to appear wherever she goes, asking her questions and somehow knowing more about her than even she herself knows. With the boundaries between reality and cyberspace rapidly blurring, Lain is plunged into more surreal and bizarre events where identity, consciousness, and perception are concepts that take on new meanings. Written by Chiaki J. Konaka, whose other works include Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain is a psychological avant-garde mystery series that follows Lain as she makes crucial choices that will affect both the real world and the Wired. In closing one world and opening another, only Lain will realize the significance of their presence. ### File details Video: 1520x1080 -- (~4:3) 24 fps HEVC Main 10 Audio: Japanese; AAC Stereo ~192 kbit/s English; AAC Stereo ~192 kbit/s Subtitles: English; ASS styled subtitles - Coalgirls - corrected Signs/Song for Dub; ASS styled subtitles - Coalgirls - corrected

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  • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - Complete [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio]
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      • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - ED [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (11.7 MiB)
      • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - OP [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (63.2 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E01 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (295.2 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E02 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (326.1 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E03 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (292.3 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E04 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (290.3 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E05 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (272.1 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E06 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (335.7 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E07 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (453.1 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E08 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (269.0 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E09 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (838.9 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E10 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (309.8 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E11 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (374.5 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E12 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (400.9 MiB)
    • [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E13 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv (443.7 MiB)
How does removing ordered chapters simplify playback?

Reaktor (uploader)

I didn't remove ordered chapters, I added the OP and ED INSIDE the video file of each episode, rather than them being stored in external MKV's and being called by the video player at the beginning and end of each episode. It's easier to understand this if you try to play one of these files in Plex for instance. Originally, the OP and ED would not play at all, since they were not a part of the video file, rather being referenced by the metadata of the MKV, leaving it up to the video player to find and play the OP and ED. What I did is copy the OP and ED into the actual MKV of each episode (this is how it is traditionally done in other releases) so that the OP and ED are a part of the episode and are played correctly when the episode is played. The chapters are intact and have not been removed.
year late but thanks for this, now I can watch this series in probably the best quality it'll ever be in
Thanks for removing the ordered chapters. Some of us like to have things on Plex servers so we can, say, actually watch anime on a TV without using an HDMI cable (which could cause ground loops if your computer and speakers are on different outlets) or a Chromecast (which is hard to pause at the right time). As a note to any uploaders who see this comment: I understand that ordered chapters make it vastly easier to sub songs (since you only have to do the timing once), but could you maybe throw us a bone by hardsubbing the song and editing it back into the video file?
Go fuck yourself Ruxot
Thanks, separate OP/ED thing is a pain in the ass.
Thanks!!!! the aspect ratio (AR) should be forced to 4:3. The quality is great!
Thank you for fixing the MKV linking and including the OP and ED in each episode.
This was a mighty fine set, thank you! :D
episode 1 does have subs but 2 doesnt wth?
Thank You. Coalgirls stuff is unusable with plex if you care to do the ritual of watching the OP and ED with every episode.
can someone share the missing fonts and corrected subs to add to coalgirl's encode?
Backup of this torrent: https://archive.org/details/serial-experiments-lain-1998-hevc