Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear

2017-09-28 08:50 UTC
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No one ever released an English sub for the second Kuma Miko special, so I finally decided to have a go at it myself. This is not a direct translation however, as I can not speak any language other than English, so I decided to use the Kopajasubs Indonesian sub at [#856065](https://nyaa.si/view/856065) as my base. I put each line into Google Translate, then cleaned up each line into proper flowing English afterwards while watching the special. Note some of the lines may not be a 100% correct translation, and some may deviate far from the original meaning due to the fact I was not exactly sure what the translated sub I had meant sometimes, and in these situations had to make an educated guess based on what I was seeing on screen and/or the lines before and after. That being said, I have done my best to make the subs flow in proper English, and this is better than nothing (or worse than nothing, depending on how you see things). This is just an amateur sub I made for myself, and have decided to share it with everyone.

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  • [Anonymous] Kuma Miko Special - 02 [720p][10Bit][54DBFB72].mkv (65.9 MiB)
reminds me I've been putting this off :'v
Probably due to no source, interest, or nobody wanted to continue to torture poor Machi.
sub judul sial
>Indonesian Memes
God I can't wait for Indonesian ISPs to block this website for haram content.
thanks so much, I've had the raw of the second special downloaded for ages just in case it never got subbed but glad to see it finally get done :D
nobody wanted to continue to torture poor Machi. +1
huhu... please seed...