Diamond no Ace OAD 2-5 English soft subbed

2017-09-24 12:32 UTC
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## Here it is!! Diamond no Ace OAD 2 to 5 English Soft Subs!! ![alt text](http://68.media.tumblr.com/cdab9643961a7196fae66fcb4d87414b/tumblr_inline_owsbzr8H8z1szyjsd_500.jpg) **Credits:** *Raws:* Peak Spider Fansubs and UrbanTbc *Base Translations:* Manga Chapters and from youtube videos for OAD 2,3 *OP, ED & Insert song:* Commie Subs *Script editing, Timing, Typesetting:* asckj1 Haaah!!! Finally all the OADs have been subbed with this!!! Watching the last OAD was very emotional especially the end. The story is written amazingly well and each episode of this show including all the OADs has been a treat to watch! All the matches are so awesome! I would always be at the edge of my seat while watching the main show. And these OADs was such a refreshing experience to be able to peek into the daily lives of all the characters. I just wish this manga gets a full anime treatment like Kuroko no Basket. It deserves it totally!! Subbing these OADs was a lot of fun for me. And I want to thank all who kindly appreciated these releases by commenting. That always kept me encouraging to finish subbing all these episodes. **Note:** I tried my best to gather the best quality videos for this release. And thanks to one anonymous person pointing out the Peak Spider Fansub's releases I could grab these better quality videos. If anyone find even better quality videos for all these OADs (especially OAD 5) kindly just drop a comment here. Also revised the script edits a little bit. I won't be sharing the subtitle files separately. You can just grab then from animetosho. **Note 2:** As always, I'll kindly request any uploaders uploading to streaming sites-> Do not remove credits or claim the subtitles as your own. With that, back to subbing Little Women Well, Happy watching!! :D

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    • Diamond_no_Ace_OAD-2-Outrun_asckj1.mkv (203.4 MiB)
    • Diamond_no_Ace_OAD-3-Boys_be_asckj1.mkv (201.9 MiB)
    • Diamond_no_Ace_OAD-4-Seidou Diary_asckj1.mkv (232.4 MiB)
    • Diamond_no_Ace_OAD-5-Glory_asckj1.mkv (89.3 MiB)

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And thank you too! :)
I have the first 3 ovas from Kamigami as 720p dvdrip. I think the quality is good enough, if you are interested.

asckj1 (uploader)

720p and DVDrip? I thought DVD resolution was max 848 x 480 or sometimes 1024 x 546. In any case please do share. Thanks :)
This is it: https://nyaa.si/view/749870 I am seeding it from my seedbox. Drop a comment when you DL-ed them with your opinions :)

asckj1 (uploader)

@Leviathan13 Sorry for the long delay in the reply. And Thank you very much for sharing. The quality is awesome!! Kamigami has some excellent encoders :) I'll use Ep 2,3 for revised releases. Thanks again!! ^v^