Diamond no Ace OVA 4 Seidou Dairy

2017-09-20 07:41 UTC
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## Dadadadada Daan!!! Here's OVA 4 of Diamond no Ace English softsubbed!! ![alt text](https://68.media.tumblr.com/d6f7228835ac75dd32d5ddb67258f980/tumblr_inline_owkisiPegp1szyjsd_540.jpg) **Credits:** *Raw:* UrbanTbc *Base Translation:* Manga scanlated chapters 412.2 to 412.5 *OP/ED songs:* Commie Subs *Script Editing, Timing, Typesetting:* asckj1 Yaaa... So many signs to time and typeset after such a long time!!! EIJUN! EIJUN! I just love Sawamura Eijun for his over the top reactions!! XD XD Every episode of this fantastic creation has been absolutely interesting to watch and the comic moments just add to the fun. Happy Watching everyone! :D :D **Note 1:** To all uploaders uploading stuff on streaming channels, DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS!. I repeat DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS!!! And do not claim the subs as your own. Everyone needs to get their due credits for making these episode available to you all. **Note 2:** The video quality for this isn't the best and due to questions I received about whether I will be subbing this or not, I couldn't wait any longer either. So just want to request, if any of you know of a good quality raw file for this OVA and OVA 5, please just direct us all by dropping a comment here. Till next time! :)

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waiting ova 5

asckj1 (uploader)

In a week or so probably. Will release it in a batch file containing OVAs 2-5. OVA 1 subbed by Saizen Fansubs.
Its been 2 years since the last upload