[Hiryuu] Kakegurui - 09 [1080p H264 AAC][0F284461].mkv

2017-09-19 14:32 UTC
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☆Delays brought to you by mid semester exams and Defqon. 1 Australia☆

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  • [Hiryuu] Kakegurui - 09 [1080p H264 AAC][0F284461].mkv (619.3 MiB)
i want to fuck jabami tbh lads
Jesus shit this can't be true finally another episode?! '0'
See you again in two weeks!
It's here!! Thanks haha
Thanks very much <3 Best sub till yet ^^
So it'll be 1 episode every 2 weeks after all... ok...
Please finish this series, Hiryuu! We believe in you!
Will HyakuPercent ever finish something without delaying it for months?
Learn from history. Stay ded.
Lord......is Hiryuu going to do it again? I really hope not. *sigh* Well, hopefully you guys will finish this series sometime soon. It's already bad enough that English fansubbing has really died off as of late since no most of the groups have gone silent or really slowing up their processes. ~_~
Come on guys, dont be dicks
any time now XDDDDDDDDDDD
QwQ Please subQwQ
3,5 months later..........
Does anyone know of another reputable fansub that finished this?
Any seconds now.
AT ANY MOMENT..........
Would love to see this series completed like many other fans of your subs but even more than that, (and I realise it's pretty much impossible at this late date) I wish Hiryuu would sub the Girls und Panzer movie. Nobody does Tankwondo better.
Well there definitely aren't going to be any more now...
Just found out about what happened to this guy while looking for season 2 subs. RIP.
@siryanako oh my god, are serious? where did you know about that?
This show was continued by Chyuu