[Ryusei x UDC] Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

2017-09-15 17:48 UTC
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Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale subber by Ryusei x RedOne x Niq.

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  • [RyuseixUDC] Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale WEBDL 720p.mkv (999.1 MiB)
https://subscene.com/subtitles/sword-art-online-the-movie-ordinal-scale/english/1629861 probably the subtitle.
please do tell us and we try to improve it again
Can we get the .srt/.ass file?
@4chancii the link file for the sub is not accurate since it is directly translate from indo sub to english using google translator and the post credit scene dont have any subs
@yukarihiraishana Yeah, basically. The uploader is anonymous tho...
@yukarihiraishana yes it is improved and fixed subs and please tell us if there is any missing part for the sub
@MichalTAR oh nice is it hardsubs? or soft subbed?
@yukarihiraishana Softsubs. .MKV - SOFTSUB Anything else - HARDSUB
@MichalTAR what do you mean by that
@MichalTAR what do you mean by that
@yuzukiyukari98 I was just explaning what does ".MKV" mean to a guy here.
@yuzukiyukari gonna QC it after I DL, and let you know if there are missing parts and needs improvement thanks for this release, now I can translate this in my native tongue
Also @yuzukiyukari98 My download speed is 0.1kB/s Can anyone seed the file?
@yukarihiraishana Same, I am a translator too.
@MichalTAR: I do has matroskas with hardsubs, check my KadiriSubs releases so I was just asking if they re encoded it or just slapped the fixed subs
Can you upload the file to: https://send-anywhere.com/ @yuzukiyukari98
And paste a link there?
@MichalTAR just a second
dem, the seeding is horrible..... please make the DDL available so we can seed back
@yukarihiraishana Check my last two comments
oh well I'll be patient and sleep for tonight...
this is like kimi no na wa camrips all over again
I guess, but I am a translator and I want a decent subs ASAP. So when the BD comes out, I'll already have it subbed.
@yukarihiraishana @MichalTAR Thaxk for waiting just a moment I will sent DLL link


What a trainwreck of a comment section
What do you mean? So many people have helped you to translate it and it's not even decent?!
Cuz maybe still some missing in the sub
That why please sent a feed back after watch it. We will improve it again.
Okay, but first the DL link.
Here: http://sendanywhe.re/OD5ACPIJ
Thanks. Do you have like facebook? I don't want to spam about feedback here.
I do have facebook but dont have page
http://sendanywhe.re/47NZWLKZ .SRT file ^
@actually it .ass file not .srt file
is the sub ok now?
from what im seeing, the sub is pretty damn decent
The sub is decent. I have already 40 lines translated. There are a few grammatical errors, (that - that's, it - it's) but it's good so far.
Thank @WorldFraction maybe after BD ver out I will insert Yuna and LiSA lyrics in the sub
Thank @MichalTAR I will fix it on BD ver
yea if you also did some contractions like "don't can't won't" those kinds of things it would make this look a bit more polished
Thank @WorldFraction next time will be more caution
How's the quality? Is it the same as the Ordinal Scale on Fuyu Fansubs?
it's the stupid DVD upscale
The subs were decent with few errors and at the end, it says "Youkoso. RATH." so it's should be "Welcome to RATH" or "Welcome. This is RATH." and not "Welcome home.".
Yeah, still a lot of grammar issues, word choices/sentences that don't make sense, etc.
hohoho, at least its better than the first release.
Barely, actually.
I took the liberty of editing the whole movie's subtitles through that file, if that's okay. I fixed them up into proper English, fixed some sync errors, changed some of the lines that were translated incorrectly and added some missing ones (special thanks to gsimenas for translating the texting scene at the start). It might not be perfect and I might've missed something, but I did my best. Enjoy. http://sendanywhe.re/551H9PQB
Unholy Hells, the default subs are horrendous, Who TF did the subbing?! It's almost like a direct transcription instead of a translation, and even then there are sections where the subs entirely skips over!! ><
@Kame did some great job there. It surely helped me in translation. Amazing work.