Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale (2017) SoftSubs (unclean).mkv

2017-09-13 13:11 UTC
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Just slapped the unclean TL on the 720 release, I did not bother correcting and cleaning it (also the timing) so the subs might be a lil bit off. - AdminAsuna

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  • Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale (2017) SoftSubs (unclean).mkv (998.3 MiB)

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i will fix this for you and release it

yukarihiraishana (uploader)

thanks duud. I dont really have time in fixing this one today. Thanks a bunch
can someone give me the sub file ? i need to take a look at this and i havent enough time and patience for download all file :D
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3ijJaoEoLGKUzZwTGV1VklGWXM/view 4chancii :D altyazı berbat diyeyim camrip'inkini kullanmışlar. (google translate bile daha iyi)
saol shishocum beni büyük bir kanserden kurtardın :D
I bet the sub was from the camrip which is horrible with a lot of errors in translations.
I'm so conflicted. I want to watch it now, but I also want half-decent subtitles :S

yukarihiraishana (uploader)

TBH, I was just looking forward on Asuna's nip slip
I will wait for the Bluray version of the 5 second nipples :v
My gud this sub is terrible. I though it was just a band sync but damn xD
Good!! Thanks ~LooooL Asuna, I Love You, please Marry ME!!
Extremely shitty subs, but damn, that ending hit me right in the feels.
So https://gelbooru.com//index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3877372 is then
waiting wmfor the good subs
still waiting for decent subs
too many Whiny bitches complaining about how the subs, if your expert in Japanese why dont you make the effort and sub it yourself , distribute to the community instead of whining like little loli bitches the whiny loli shitters: gearlgan MetalChoir EpUXeKa alienfromouterspace UrbanHentai vicexxv
Wow. This is cool!
patiently waiting for subs
The nude scene; bare breasts and ass is only available in the BD I think. Just like the gelbooru link above.
the nude scene is on the dvd as well and this version has this scene
I've seen enough hentai to not give a damn about nipple here or ass there in a regular anime.
Nude scene is on this version also, very nice haha. Sure there's plenty of hentai, but seeing this is a whole other thing ^^' Now that I've seen that, time to watch the movie. Hope the subs are watchable
https://dl.opensubtitles.org/en/download/file/1955676839 found the perfect sub,no need to thank me
^Those subs aren't much better. They are better yes, but not perfect. Not by a long shot.
next days the 1080p HD

yukarihiraishana (uploader)

oh well, in only I now how to properly translate japanese>English I'll do what it takes to provide you guys decent subs Regardless, we still need to wait for decent subs -AdminAsuna
lmao, just because I'm waiting for good subs doesn't mean I shit on the upload. How come my comment became a complaint. Please get your facts straight @beebobs82
Well. yes we've seen enough hentai to not care but sometimes a strip tease like the nude scene or just a slight tease gets me going too.