Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) 001-007 & 153

2017-09-04 15:12 UTC
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  • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) 001-007 & 153
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 001.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 002.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 003.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 004.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 005.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 006.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 007.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 153.ac3 (77.4 MiB)
I can't wait for the onslaught of pissed off comments. Thanks for this, though!
Thank you for sharing!
@nemurenatta Why onslaught when you can masturbate away the problems .;
thx for sharing!
i wonder if these are fake
@Chilled, no, they're legit. I muxed them with my DBox rips and they sound significantly better than the DBox audio.
Where do they come from ? VHS, TV, CD, someone gave it to you ?
nemurenatta, thank you and thanks uploader
sharing = caring, thank you :)
Thank you, I wish someone did DBZ like this!
Awesome work, can't thank you enough for your efforts! Any chance about the remaining 145 eps?
@dunkmoo : The DBZ are already available in broadcast audio.
Thanks for sharing sir
Anyone think there's a chance of the rest of DB's broadcast audio surfacing any time soon, what with Z and GT's broadcast audio both being released in full this past year? Tbh the original Dragon Ball is what I'm most eager to have with good audio quality.
+MistaL possibly but it's only with Dragon Ball fans who either keep it privately or sell it online so not left with much either way. But I digress, whenever I watch Dragon Ball in Japanese I'm not really fussed about the audio quality. Would I prefer broadcast audio? Sure. Is it a problem for me that it isn't? Not really.


@MistaaL : forget about it , the z leak have break definitively the slight chance to get them anyway even if kei17 have them he never and will never shared them, it's only for himself, he have made a so called preservative project to gather audios but his only goal was to get them in his personnal collection
@DBM It's not entirely possible someone from the 'DB Mafia' will leak it out. If the rumors are true that some of them are selling the Dragon Ball and Z BA audio tracks then it's just a matter of time. I'm not surprised if the 'DB Mafia' are selling it, I remember Makuoo trying to sell the Raging Blast 2 OST for $200 on Kanzenshuu. lol It doesn't matter if it's rare, no one in their right mind would pay so much for a CD. I certainly wouldn't, even moreso the same tracks are on Xbox 360 / PS3.


@Super_Saiyan_Lusitano ; the thing is that leak came first from maakuo who got them from kei but maakuo never got db 8-152 so there isn't any leak possible only few japanese people allways have those audios BUT all japanese people i talk with having some of those audios have exactly the same reaction as kei (ignore message)
Super_Saiyan_Lusitano: You're talking about this version of Raging Blast 2? Original Soundtrack Overseas Version LACA-15111 https://mega.nz/#!5QMgVLIJ!JRdOoKDG9DewduzQudgUXaiPQT1qJzDPbZktbpDe7mc Here's Battle of Omega FLAC https://mega.nz/#!ZZMTiB7J!qw674GXUS-co91XMDp5JRTG8XR8_1unMOqrlOG-FTfI I have many, many other rare DBZ/DBGT game music in FLAC
@kenoh, Thanks a for not hoarding, have you also considered uploading movie 6 in better quality??
@Kenoh Thanks so much! By the way, the WinxBloom1980 thread has been deleted. xD
@suprasaiyan Good question. While at it, @Kenoh, do you happen to have Episode Z2 on cassette quality?