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Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon episode 40 Translation/Typesetting: Lord Starfish Translation Check: Xemnas Timing: BYH I, Lord Starfish, the on-and-off-again staff member, am a massive Pokémon fanboy and I was frustrated at how the only good subs for the Sun & Moon anime are at this point 13 episodes behind, so I figured I'd take matters into my own hands. Then Xemnas said he'd help me out, asked Toni if we could host the subs here, and he said yes. This should not interfere with Jojo or Drifters, as Xemnas is the only regular member of Some-Stuffs actually involved with this project. I'm not really aiming for perfection with these subs, I just want an actual watchable sub that isn't several months behind the Japanese airings. Which is why we're starting with the most recent episode even if that does still leave a gap of 13 episodes between us and Pocket-Monsters Subs. We'll be trying to close that gap in the next couple of weeks starting with episode 27 and working our way up. Episodes 1-26 are available from Pocket-Monsters Subs, at http://pocketmonsters-fansubs.blogspot.no/

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thank you so much!!
Thank you for stepping in! Its hard being so behind especially when you have some really nostalgia inducing episodes coming soon - i refuse to watch it on youtube because of the various watermarks (and the fact that its pretty inconsistent).
so can you release eps 27 - 39
They just said they were doing that in the description of this torrent...
Thank you! I'm super excited to see someone doing it.
It was like this for XY too. The season ended and it took 3,000 years after that for them to get around to finishing the last episode. They literally just ditched it for SunMoon. Like they refused to accept that XY ended.