Little Women Ep 03 English softsub

2017-09-03 08:36 UTC
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## Ep 03 of Little Women! ![alt text]( **Credits:** *Raw:* From website *Translation, Timing and Typesetting:* asckj1 **Note for playing the video with the subtitle file:** Just keep both the video and subtitle files in one place and play using Media Player Classic (your usual MPC-HC). Enjoy!! :)

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asckj1 (uploader)

Yes. I saw the DVD precursors. I just think it's not right for me to use those files as someone else has worked hard for syncing the english audio to the DVD episodes to make the dual audio versions. So I will continue releasing my subbed version as I have been doing till now. If and when they complete all the episodes, maybe they'll release it here or elsewhere themselves. If you have talked to anyone from their team or plan to talk to them about muxing my subtitles to their dual audio files then feel free to share the dual audio with subtitles as you want. But please do talk to them before you share anything. My only request would be to not remove my credits, as you can understand already that I am working very hard to translate, time and typeset the subtitles to the raws.

asckj1 (uploader)

And regarding the raws, I downloaded them from here-> And there's no Project Alcott written anywhere. Hence in my credits I simply mentioned raws: website. If you have confirmation that these are exactly from that project then I can change the credits to include that name for raws. Thanks again for all the information.
Thanks, keep up the hard work!