Mama is a 4th Grader (Mama wa Shougaku Yon-nensei) Ep 09 - English Subbed [Golden Roze]

2017-08-23 21:04 UTC
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It's been a little bit longer between this episode and the last, almost a week, in fact. I've been getting caught up with other projects, so progress has slowed down a bit. I'm going to aim to try and put out at least one episode per-week from here on out, though. This episode is all about Kenta, a brat who runs around the neighborhood pulling pranks on anyone he sees as an easy target. One of his pranks goes too far, though, and Natsumi & her friends deem to teach him a lesson! Will he have a change of heart, or is he too set in his ways to stop pranking people? ![alt text]( "Meet Kenta, royal jerkwad")

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  • Mama is a 4th Grader - 09 (640x480 x264 AAC) [GRZ][3B8C6D39].mkv (311.3 MiB)
I'm a bit behind on viewing these, but your work is much appreciated :)
thanks... keep it up...
hello, thanks for uploading, can you use this raw: ? I think it is better than your raw!
Did ya give up on this? Too busy on your scanlation stuff or this anime on hiatus for a bit?
I guess no more??
GRZ said they have the "raw" subs ripped from a now defunct streaming site, when i asked for it they said they didn't want to share those before correcting them (sync, etc.). And now those comments are gone after they had hosting issues... Wondering if we should nag them a bit to release those subs as they are, since the current site looks manga-only...