Little Women Ep 01 English softsub

2017-08-21 06:56 UTC
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## Presenting one of the Classics in Anime ## From the World Masterpiece Series # **~ Little Women/ Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari ~** ![alt text]( **Credits:** *Raw:* From website *Translation, Timing and Typesetting:* asckj1 **Note for playing the video with the subtitle:** The video file is a .wmv file. I wasn't able to find any good muxer for adding the subtitles into the video file. But don't worry. You just have to keep both the video and subtitle files in one place and play using Media Player Classic (your usual MPC-HC). If I find anything , I'll mux the subtitles in the video file in the future releases. Alright. I'm taking up this series as my second most huuuuge project after Junjou Romantica S2. This is an awesome classic show and needs to have an english subtitled version. Since I haven't learned any japanese formally and also as english isn't my first language either, I am sure there will be many many mistakes. But I still wish to share whatever I am able to put out of this wonderful series, with the hope that some proper fansub group takes this up project in the future. Also if there's anyone out there who has has formally learned japanese language and who wishes to help out, please feel free to drop a question in my tumblr. I'd be happy to receive your assistance in the translation. I can do the timing and typesetting. With that I hope you enjoy the releases. Happy watching!!! :))

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Thanks! MKVToolNix GUI works good and easy for muxing.
Know that your efforts are appropriated. Ta.
I guess you'd have to reencode to another format in order to mux the subs in. But as you say, the current setup you have makes things pretty easy.

asckj1 (uploader)

@ PannenkoekenNL ---> MKVToolNix is the first thing I tried. Unfortunately, it doesn't support muxing wmv files. @ motbob ---> Yeah, most likely. Though you know, I don't really want to do that, as this raw source is already an encoded version. I don't want to further tweak the video and audio streams just so that the subtitles could be muxed together.
Love you so much!
hahaha... i've been looking for this, thank you very much... keep it up...
As a Civil War buff and an 80s anime buff, it was heavenly to me. I once watched the whole series dubbed in English on the Christian Broadcasting Network back in the late 90s but sadly those haven't made it onto the internet as far as I know. Thanks for your hard work. Also it's fine to release it non-muxed, at least you didn't hardcode it, right? (I read your tumblr entry, I dislike hardcoding too.)

asckj1 (uploader)

@ shiteaterbubibinman -> Thanks for the appreciation :) Actually, because I haven't learned Japanese so I was looking for the english dubs myself so as to use them as a reference. So good news for you!!You can get all episodes here-> I must also share this though, the english dub version in the link above has waaaaay to many dialogues as compared to the original Japanese version. So as far as using them as a reference was concerned they weren't of any use for this release. But maybe you'll be able to relate to the dialogues a bit more if you are from a Western country. Lastly, yeah I don't personally enjoy the way some groups share all hardsubbed things just for the sake of monopolizing things. Well I won't talk about it here anymore, I think you get my point as you have read that tumblr post. With that said, enjoy the episode! I'll try to sub them one by one as fast as possible. :))
Thank you so much