[RH] Boku no Hero Academia S2 - 18 [English Dubbed] [1080p]

2017-08-20 07:51 UTC
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i am dropping simuldub rips, due to RL reasons, i don't have the time to do it daily projects that are not straight simuldub rips, such as Hajimete no Gal, will continue

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and how about aho **thot** ?

rickyhorror (uploader)

aho girl isn't a simuldub, it'll continue
playing too much NEKOPARA hahaha xD ty tho.
Hey man, if you aren't going to rip simuldubs anymore could you at least make a guide so that somebody else can take over for you?
Nevermind I think I managed to figure out how to at least rip videos from Funimation that’s a start.
Daym... Ricky, sad to see you stop releasing simuldubs. I mean, I only started doing it because of you and and I personally like an MKV container better.
Not to jump on your torrent or anything Ricky, but @Yurika I will still be releasing pretty much what Ricky released but in MKV format, not MP4. (Which is near as widely supported as MP4 these days)
@golumpa i dont really see the point in mkv when there are no subs, mkv isn't supported NLES like adobe premiere, in case one wanted to make clip out of it. It's not hard to demux tho, but still.
@frozenkex, on my next release batch I'll add a poll to the description to see if people want MKV or MP4. I only did MKV as a personal preference and to differentiate from Ricky's releases.
@Golumpa Is there a quality difference between MKVs and MP4s?
@Golumpa, There shouldn't be a difference at all, as they both use a direct "copy" of video and audio from Funimation