[CCM] Kakegurui - Episode 06 - English Subbed [720p-x264-AAC]

2017-08-12 23:02 UTC
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Ladies and Gentleman, After much toil, trouble, and blushingly gawking at overly erotic maniacs, we have completed the sixth episode. We hope you can enjoy them! **Important Info**: It's likely that the next episode becomes available tomorrow. We'll break our backs for that one, too. If it doesn't... well, tough titty for all of us, really. We need our madwoman fix. With a Bang and a Grin, ChunChunMaru

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I could swear the 7-airing-the-next-day-after-6 thing was only for MBS's schedule for next week, because MBS is not airing this episode this week while the other networks still [obviously] are.
CMM does almost the worst translation into english I've ever seen on nyaa. I'll use episode 2 to compare with [anon] for example. [CMM] 04:41 "Momobami Kirari.. She attended both middle and high school, but she was still incorporated as a senior."
No, she didn't attend middle school here and I don't even know where to start with the second part of the sentence. Right from [anon]: "Momobami Kikari. While this is both a middle and high school, she transferred here in her first year of high school."
[anon] Yeah, but I got rid of mine by paying 1,000,000 yen. [CMM] 04:16 But with the money you gave me, I was able to pay the tax and get rid of it. (He said simple short sentence and voiced amount of money. Why CCM are croocking it.)
[CMM] 04:59: The student council here is a group of the best gamblers around. They're worthy of standing at the top [anon] Our student ouncil uses the most extreme type of gambling. It's beffitting of those trying to aim for the top It's almost reversed
Speed, most people only care about watching it as soon as it comes out and on top of that lots of shit DDL sites will upload the first which comes out...
Well that's true like 9anime has done.
And it's not only [anon], but also [F.M] is much better than [CCM]. Even [FM] is better. Don't know about new ones yet: [Hiryuu] and [PWNED]. But it's sad that [CCM] is currently most popular because of previous speed. [anon] had even better same speed.

ChunChunMaruSub (uploader)

@Saint347 Well, it's mostly just the speed that - ah, someone beat us to saying it. Sod. Um... Thank you for your illuminating input. It's very much appreciated. We'll have each and every member flogged for their crimes against nature.
I haven't watched an episode since RH stopped releasing them. I guess I'll have to fall back on Hiryuu if this subber is releasing bad TL or QC.
"stop bitching" I didn't bitching yet. I wanted to write only one structured message, but we have 255 char limit on nyaa.
@crackpipe RH was using anon's TL and stopped when the anon stopped sub it
I heard RH already dropped this since a lot of guys already subbing it, and a word from him that CCM is also using Scum's encode so no point on doing the same thing.
And I noticed that RH was probably not just only using anon as its base, explained by the use of "Mike" from one episode to "Mitten" on the other.
@Saint347 Damn, son. If I could understand Japanese like you do then I won't be probably watching this subbed.
This looks like a different encode.
Yet RH didn't fix anon's terrible timing. smh.
Yep, and them inconsistencies.
4:16: You are right that anon is more correct here and mentioning the yen amount too.
4:59: Anon is wrong here. “この学園の生徒会って最高のガンブギャンブル集団だからね。そのトップに勝つって相当だよ。” Literally, “This academy’s student council is the strongest gambling group. To win against the top of that is (the president) is substantial.
He is talking about the current president accomplishing a significant feat for beating the previous president who was the top of the best gambling group. So CCM is more correct if you interpret “They” as the current president.
thank you for the fast sub,
@Saint347 "I didn’t bitching yet." And you're the guy complaining about the subs.
You stupid sheep. Complaining on legit bad translation is not the same as bitching. Even the subber took that better than you. Fucking idiot.
@Someone Nice big fat if. @Mites No, it's about extreme popularity of CCM. I just hoped to awake at least someone to try other sub groups,because some others didn't have sentences without sense. Don't know about now or how much CCM've improved since ep.4
@Saint347 what are you talking about? And even without the “if” part, CCM is still more accurate line there. Anon was totally wrong in both the sentences.
Thanks CCM, we appreciate your work!
Is the 720p for Ohys-Raws and the 810p for Scum's Raws?
@Someone yes, you're completely right about the last one, I thought it's obvious. It's just that "if" was completely redundant. Didn't want to continue because was afraid it really will become "bitching":) It was only minute 4, but I do have also 3 and 5
Still Scum’s Raws or not?
dude, do symphogear. Commie is way too shit and unreliable.
Is the sub not auto enable?
I know im annoying for doing this each week but can i please have the subtitle file
Appreciate the release but good god, get a better encode.
@bowmastor you can get sub file from animetosho.org for most soft subbed files. Don't need to ask ever.
@vongdong no better encode existed at the time of release.
Netflix keeps ruining anime by proxy.
@Someone Wow, Thank you so much, now I can watch this without bothering people.
@Abunja the Mike/Mittens things is because two different anons were subbing it. Reisen used Mittens while the other anon left it as Mike.
I also wait for [RH] ones but tough luck they drop this series. So what group have the best subs? I won't be downloading this if the subs change the real meaning of what the characters are saying. Any better ones out there?
[RH] also have the best quality of the video, thanks to eXmendiC, so I'm wondering if some other group adopted the video quality he/she's releasing.
@Ainz, I think CCM will re-release another version of this. They'll probably use Scum raws. https://nyaa.si/view/944383
Another thing, Ainz. CCM isn't that bad, but it can't be helped that I'm somewhat annoyed whenever the TL notes appear.
God you fucking weebs go watch the RAW and don't download the sub ones for most correct nippon language zzzzzzz
@Xystus Not sorry that we should be settling for shit subs for the sake of "speed."
IMO the subs for EP5 was fine. I've downloaded Reisen & Hiryuu's for EP1, used anon's ASS with Scum's RAW for 2, RH's for 3 & 4, and CCM for 5. I would stick with Hiryuu, but I read jokes about them not finishing series and that they dropped this.
you really don't need to show the converted currency in the subs tl note all the time
my comment is getting deleted wtf.
still waiting for 810p version.
Why is this show struggling with subtitles? There isn't any "official" subs?
@KAiiRU: because it not have official eng sub. it not bandai anime..
This is just a pet peeve of mine, but I cant stand TL notes. Wouldn't it be easier to just put "yen" after every monetary amount in the dialogue?
Personally I don't give a shit what every single gambled amount of money translates to in USD. I just care about the yen amount being presented. If people want to know the dollar amount that bad they should just google convert it themselves.
Jonesy974 bansaiiiiiiiiii.
A lot of translation and encode experts here. I guess it's easier to complain about every little detail than getting your ass up and doing it yourself. Why don't you guys use the time you spend bitching about other's making a better work? I'd legitimately like to see that.