Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water E23-34 Compilation [Storiophage]

2017-08-12 13:03 UTC
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This is a 18 minute compilation of episodes 23 to 34 of the anime "Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water". Commonly referred to as the "Island Episodes", these episodes is considered by many to be worthless filler episode, but some contain important bits for the plot to make sense between episode 22 and episode 35. Many years ago, director Hideaki Anno, also not happy with the end result, produced a shortened compilation of Nadia called "The Nautilus Story", which deletes much of the island/Africa continuity and focuses more on the struggle between Gargoyle and Nemo. The compilation, consisting of six hours of material over three volumes, where only released in Japan on VHS and Laserdisc. The first fifteen minutes of volume three consists of a very cut down version of the "Island Episodes", containing only the bits Anno considered important to the plot. Storiophage found a low quality raw of this compilation, and recreated it with clips from the anime series Blu-Ray release (Decay), adding a custom subtitle file to it based on the filler episodes subtitles. This version contains some bits not in Hideaki Annos compilation, but hopefully nothing people finds unwatchable. There is two lines of audio dialogue missing from the beginning of the video as compared to the Anno compilation, because that was added with the compilation; the subtitles contain these two lines as an addition to show where the are. The purpose of this single 18 min file is to essentially replace episode 23 to 34 in any complete collection of the Nadia series, and then watch episode 22, then this compilation, and then episode 35 and the rest.

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