[R23]Dragon Ball Super - BD Box 6 (061-072) [720p] English subtitles

2017-08-10 09:49 UTC
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This is the 720p version as requested by Chocolatedonut84 The video and audio is from this torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/916322 The subs are from my 1080p torrent. [Discord](https://discord.gg/X88P4Us)

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  • Dragon Ball Super - BD Box 6 (061-072) [720p]
    • Episode 61.mkv (354.2 MiB)
    • Episode 62.mkv (268.0 MiB)
    • Episode 63.mkv (271.8 MiB)
    • Episode 64.mkv (285.7 MiB)
    • Episode 65.mkv (328.0 MiB)
    • Episode 66.mkv (327.1 MiB)
    • Episode 67.mkv (271.0 MiB)
    • Episode 68.mkv (229.8 MiB)
    • Episode 69.mkv (235.2 MiB)
    • Episode 70.mkv (260.4 MiB)
    • Episode 71.mkv (286.5 MiB)
    • Episode 72.mkv (234.6 MiB)
Thanks and could you upload box 4 720p next please the other's keep stalling.
fyi if you did not know already Box 7 Raws are Out here @ https://nyaa.si/view/948331. Will you be subbing these too.
Not to sound Ungrateful but I don't think anyone's going to seed your Dragon Ball Collection. I looked @ it and it's way too BIG in Gig-bites to Seed. There's not many downloading it that I've Seen 1 or 2 people. Maybe if you Compressed it.
to a smaller Size it would be easier to seed once it finishes downloading. Your a Pal for Doing Box 6 in 720p for me but waiting on your DB Collections to get seeders might take awhile and by then Box 8 will be out in Oct.
Huh! I was Suggesting if you Compressed your DB Collection to a Smaller Size more people would download and Seed it Faster so you can Start on Box 4 and Box 7 720p and 1080p Version ASAP. Could you do them in the mean time.
Your Releases are Good so please don't Stop just because nobody is Seeding your 1 Very Large Upload.
That's fine but please include a 720p version and when you get time please do box 4 as well since the others are stalling again in 720p thanks. I understand having slow internet but it may be awhile before alot of people seed DB Collection that large.
Making a Dual Audio would be nice. Box 4 is the only 1 Stalling on all 720p version and stops @ 55%. can you upload a 720p version of box 4 first then Box 7 720p thanks.
Is it Possible to make All Box sets 1-7 and Future Set Dual Audio too. If using Video from here it might be Possible.
Watching Subs to me don't matter I'm uses to it since 99.5% of all anime i have is Subs. DB,DBZ,DBGT,DBK and Movies I've watched in English on tv or blu-ray.
Ever since Dragon Ball Kai was released English the Voice Actors all sound different from the older versions of Dragon Ball and DBZ. So i Prefer the Subs over the Dubs because Japanese voices are all Original cast but Dual I could switch between.
I don't mind Waiting a Week but for witch item Box 4 , 7 or 1-7 Dual Audio ? .
Witch Box 4 are you currently Downloading I've tried them all in 720p but they still Stall for reason of no Seeders. No Problem on Box 7 begin 1080p then 720p. Also your the one who said you wanted to do a Dual Audio Release.
You did not say for witch box sets so i figured you mean all releases. There was a Misunderstanding on Communication concerning that Information.
Witch box 4 are you Currently downloading. I'll go to it right after i read your message.
Thanks for box 7 just seen then up. Ummm @https://nyaa.si/view/858089 is a Non-English Translation I'm looking for a English Translation since the others keep Stalling.
https://nyaa.si/view/888621 is the one I've been trying to download for more then a week. Last week it kept Stalling at 55% tried it again today Stalled at 83.5%. The Other one is by same uploader just 8bit instead of 10bit Stalls too.
I'm not really sure what the difference Between 8bit and 10bit only what I've read and has something to do with the 256 coloring thing when in coding the video I guess.
Not much into Comedy more into Ecchi/ Boardline Hentai Anime besides Dragonball shows. Are you still planing on doing my request for Box 4 in 720p. Right now I'm downloading Box 7 but @ a Very Low Speed and i don't know Why? ETA is 5 days.
So you want me to download that non-English Translation one from above then Seed so you can download it and Add Subs right. I could do that but after your box 7 finishes right now it's downloading extremely Slow not normally fast.
I don't mind letting you seed it from me once it's done but i can't leave my PC on all day so it might take a couple for you to complete it.
I'm up about 6am then i leave my PC on until 9am. Back on @ 230pm til around 5-6pm then back on from 8pm to 10pm. So between any of those times you can seed it from me once Box 7 is Done I'll start downloading it.
Are you now refusing to taking my request to upload box 4 like you said you could do in a week. Was all that Communication back and forth for over a week empty talk. You got my hopes up for nothing but claim to except request.
It's not just you I use qBittorrent too and all my downloads for the past week and a half have been going @ a Snails crewel.
Don't think your a Troll just if you say you'll do it then be a man of your Word and don't tell me do it myself. That was kind of Disrespectful.
@ that's fine I'm not in any hurry it's just Box 4 will still not Download and I'm now have issues downloading Box 7 too. only getting 84.1KiB download speeds and thats not normal for me. Usually i get 400-895Kbs and once in awhile 3mb.
I'm puzzled because I did not have any problems downloading box 6 from you it went really fast and downloaded in under 1hr. Box 7 is reading between 17hrs-3days to finish speed is SLOW.
Yeah well I've been trying to Download it for a Week now and it's only gotten to 83.5% then Stalls out. for Some reason I can't even download your box 7 not enough seeders to get a good download speed. It stops @ 23%.
When you make the Batch BD Box set 1-7 could you include a 720p release I might be able to download Epsiodes 37-48 and 61-72 by batch and click off all the other ones I don't need to speed up the Process.
I have Boxes 1,2,3,5,6 but can't download Box 4 Keeps Stalling @ 83% and for Some Reasons I can't download your Box 7 720p release either not enough Seeders to keep it going past 23%. I tried for 4 days on box 7 and only 23% b4 it stalls.
I managed to download box 4 yesterday from another website and Today i downloaded your box 7 from here it finally Had 6 people seeding it to finish downloading it. I can seed box 6 but I would need to re-download it since i already moved it from torrent.
I would if I could but I have NO knowledge of How to make and upload a torrent. Believe it or Not I've never even know how to Text using my Smartphone. Sorry I can be more Help friend.
Okay so I made the Torrent yesterday and Seeding it. Tried 2x today to Upload it Here but Keep getting Errors. First it Tells me I did not include the GiB size in Torrent and on Second try it tells me I did not add http://nyaa.tracker.wf:7777/announce in the Url box but I did.
Why will it not let me Upload it here. Am i doing the Upload Wrong. How do you Upload it from Torrent to Here.
I did everything in the Video Yesterday and it did not go 2 times. But today after you sent the video and I watched it to make sure I did everything Right it Finally got Made. Why IDK? But Here is the Link @https://nyaa.si/view/952526 and Yes I'm still seeding.