Mama is a 4th Grader (Mama wa Shougaku Yon-nensei) Ep 05 - English Subbed [Golden Roze]

2017-08-09 14:03 UTC
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Well, alright, here's episode 5, and with this release, we've officially caught up to the previous version, which was released by SD Project back between 2004 and 2006. Episode 6 is on the horizon already, though, so don't worry, we aren't stopping here. In this episode, Fukazawa invites Natsumi to cheer him on during a soccer game. Natsumi's got eyes for him, so she gets all excited and flustered, but when Aunt Izumi says she has a date and can't take care of Mirai, Natsumi decides to stay home. However, when her friends call her, she decides to just bring Mirai to the soccer match and cheer the team on in secret. However, this plan backfires completely. Will everybody find out about Mirai? Watch and see! ![alt text]( "You just know Daisuke's gotta be jealous of the attention Fukazawa is getting from Natsumi")

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  • Mama is a 4th Grader - 05 (640x480 x264 AAC) [GRZ][78998B58].mkv (337.9 MiB)
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virgorousjammer sama ,your little synopsis of each episode is so wonderful that they are worth collecting with each download . However , when you revised ep 2 you deleted the original that had its synopsis . Any chance of a reprint ?
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@Father_Snrub lol, no worries about the name, I know it's easy to misspell.

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As for the synopses, I'm glad you like them! I post all of them on our website with each release, so they'll all be archived there even after I upload a batch torrent and hide all of these individual torrents.
Keep up the great work! Thanks for episode 5!