Mama is a 4th Grader (Mama wa Shougaku Yon-nensei) Ep 04 - English Subbed [Golden Roze]

2017-08-07 15:01 UTC
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Got another episode here for you all! Hope you like it! In this episode, Natsumi thinks Mirai's hurt herself, so she brings her to a baby clinic. The doctor says she's fine, but then Daisuke shows up, since his baby brother has a stomachache. Natsumi can't let Daisuke see her holding Mirai, so she runs to the payphone to have Aunt Izumi come down there and pick Mirai up instead. However, Aunt Izumi is still drowsy and is kind of an idiot, so she takes the wrong kid home with her! Now Natsumi & her run the risk of becoming kidnappers, so they come up with a plan to return the baby to the clinic without anyone noticing. ![alt text]( "Aunt Izumi is way ahead of the times here, she might not have a cell phone, but she can still set an alarm in public!")

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  • Mama is a 4th Grader - 04 (640x480 x264 AAC) [GRZ][F0983A1B].mkv (285.2 MiB)
thanks so much!
keep up the good job... I'll try to help by seeding...
keep em up coming boyo
DHT, PEX, and LPD off again on the torrent. Thanks for this tho.

vigorousjammer (uploader)

@noZA_ I've been disabling DHT. I heard it'd make DL slower and DL statistics less accurate, but after reading that thread, I think I'll enable it next time. Can I do it for the torrents I've already posted, or just during creation?
That isn't true on DHT it just decentralizes the torrent that's all and not be reliant on the trackers like when original nyaa was offline those who had DHT, PEX, LPD could still seed but those reliant on the nyaa tracker couldn't.
As for stats nyaa's numbers are inaccurate like the stuff I share here don't match the stats anirena shows. Put it at anirena, anidex then nyaa last w/ their trackers. When you put it at TokyoTosho link it to anirena or anidex instead of just nyaa
Can't change it via nyaa but thru creation or edit the current one with sites like or a free program like but doing either will change the hash info
Thanks so much! I read the manga for this long ago. Nice to see someone subbing the anime. keep up the great work!

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@noZA_ so if the hash info gets changed, I'll have to re-post the torrents, right? If that's the case, maybe I'll just enable DHT for episodes going forward and then do a batch of the first 13 episodes or something.