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>243.9 MiB confirmed no fight
@ninjastarforcex At least cares about the plebs.
Thanks. Hope you keep doing the rest as well.


Thanks , Arigato !
Do you guys compress the Audio or use the source audio cause I feel the sound effects lack bit rate and are choppy and breaky, Also the voices are a bit dry
your waifu is shit
10:52 - Ruler refers to Rider as 彼女. She thinks Rider is a girl. It's quite stupid to put "he" in that line and the one at 11:06.
y dont u do it then :|
Boi, if you know that much, it's better to watch raw.
You guys shouldnt watch UTW encode (it's shit), just download leopard or ohys raws. and put UTW subs on.
>Thinking share raws are better LUL
Lol someone corrected his translation error, and faggots jumped in whiteknighting. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with correcting translation error? You guys love reading errors in subs? Wtf.
Muchísimas gracias! / thank you very much!
reminder that DDL for this and the ripped subs is available at https://animetosho.org/view/1118766
@Xystus They wouldn't know if there are errors in the subs anyway because they don't know Japanese and want to defend the only group doing it
question: how do you know if there's someone dumb in a cockfight? answer: if someone brought along a duck.
question: how do you know if there's someone dumber in a cockfight? answer: if someone bet on the duck.
question: how do you know if there's a syndicate in a cockfight? answer: if the duck wins the derby.
@torn raws are better though https://diff.pics/SaFWyBAXhbuk/1
^ lol one seems brighter than the other, that's it... or is it the logo? It's not annoying.
At this point, I'll probably wait for better subs. UTW subs are quite bad. Too many mistranslations.