[PPP-Raw] The Kindaichi Case Files Movie 2 - Deep Blue Massacre

2017-07-28 22:30 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents: The Kindaichi Case Files, movie 2: Deep Blue Massacre 7/26/17 https://www.otakubell.com/ https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=2126 A note about old PPP torrents: The collapse of nyaa.se has led to a hydra-like proliferation of anime trackers, including at least three different Nyaa successors. Of these, I upload to nyaa.pantsu.cat and nyaa.si. Both sites have removed my old torrents, but block me from reuploading. As such, until the admins of these sites get their heads out of their asses, I recommed acquiring my older releases from anirena.com, anidex.info, or acgnx.se. I have not remade all of my old torrents yet, but I’ve remade most of them. Project notes: Things haven’t really changed since my raw of the first movie: I’m afraid I still know very little about this long-running series, other than, for some odd reason, the movies have not been reissued on DVD or Bluray, that I can tell. So, the laserdisc was sent to me for capture, yay. Looks like something I might be into. Orphan has since subbed the first movie from my raw, and I STILL haven’t quite gotten around to watching it. I’m woefully behind on my watching. Maybe I’ll take a peep by the time they subtitle this one. Filtered x264 conversion and untouched high bitrate DVD conversion included.

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Thank you so much ^_^
Thank you for uploading this raw!
This is very rare. Thanks bro you are rockss!!