[SMC-Subs] PriPara Live Musical Minna ni Todoke! Prism Voice 2017 [8700A174].mkv

2017-07-16 13:41 UTC
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![](http://i.imgur.com/xDnWj89.png) Watch this and you'll find the answer to the above questions *and more*. That's right, it's the release no one wanted, except maybe so I would start working on the TV anime again: the PriPara live musical, recorded on the evening of January 27th this year! This is a true masterpiece of musical theatre – theatre in general, really – and you should watch it even if you don't like musicals or the performing arts. I saw it no fewer than five times this year (after seeing it once last year) and it was worth it every time. Even that day I saw it, went out of the theatre and then went straight back in to watch it again. There's Dorothy letting the entire audience join Dressing Pafé and then beating the shit out of a man, Reona-Sophie shipping bait and, by my count, 17 songs, including the full versions of all three season one opening themes, one song you'd most likely recognise from the arcade game, 3DS games or PriPuz and one brand-spanking new song unique to this musical! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream レオナちゃん結婚してくれ! from the audience like the cringiest of weeaboos/idol fanboy scum (results may vary) – what are you waiting for?

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  • [SMC-Subs] PriPara Live Musical Minna ni Todoke! Prism Voice 2017 [8700A174].mkv (1.8 GiB)
Dang, now I HAVE to download it to find out the answer to the question! You drive a hard bargain. I love your description. Dang that's some love in there. Thanks for being amazing.
Is Kokoa Ishii there in that final performance?
Thank you! Great job!