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RIP impatient people who watch the earlier sub
It pays to be patient with UTW, thanks.
people who can't even wait a day deserve to watch bad subs tbh
Thank you very much!
@herkz couldn't agree more.. they are fucking idiots
Garbage subs for a garbage show.
Fast !! Great subs for great show !!
Glad I waited ??? thanks!
Where Da Fuck is Ten Eighty pee
Thanks UTW for testing people's patience! Please take your time subbing this.
thanks for better subs!!
COMMIE do symphogear FAST
Remember the days when we had to wait weeks for subs? And then they still wouldn't come? Man, people these days are spoiled rotten.
Thanks for quality subs!!
Ty. @Exudes No 1080p until the BDs are released. We'll probably get a patch
This isn’t even a UFOtable or Kyoani production. Do you fags really expect uber panty wetting quality in 1080p?
#DmonHiro I concur


@DmonHiro: > Remember the days when we had to wait weeks for subs? /me checks FFF's blog. [Jumanji meme]
40 seconds in... Jeanne: "arigatou gozaimasu" UTW translation: "god bless you"
I almost forgot that UTW sticks to cancer memesubs now and not the quality they had back in the old days. Even Fate-Prisma has Illya's name in the fucking title and they still couldn't get it right. "god bless you" shouldn't even shock me.
> waiting time complaing > honorific complaining OK, so the good old days seems to be coming back now. ?
Where is Emiya Shirou?
jonesy974 Jeanne d'Arc is a saint...of course it would be more fitting for her to say "God bless you" as someone hands her a cross. Or is it unacceptable to slightly alter translations to have them better fit the character...?? :/
Spotted "Arigatou gozaimasu" complain about translation...dang N1 tier is here everyone.
I wonder why i cant open any of UTW's video from phone. Downloaded n uninstalled like 5 different vid player n all either stutter / lags. Other vids (like horibblesub's) goes fine. It's like UTW can only be accessed from PC ?


@Yangjuelek I just transferred the file to my phone real fast and it seems to be playing back fine for me. Tried it in MX Player, and the Android version of MPV. I will point out that MPV has the better ASS subs support.
@foxfaeble Slightly alter? What loose definition of "slightly" do you have exactly? Two completely different phrases there. Or, how about Astolfo's "pretty please with a cherry on top?"
^god-tier translator right here.
@nx6 Alredy tried MX, and my trusty VLC player, still stutter. Borrowed someone's laptop n watched it from there lol
Thanks For The Upload Really Appreciate It !!!!
Thanks ! I'm pretty sure it was D-rank Noble Phantasm not B
how can i get my profile picture? got some good ahegao
Thank you for fan subbing, ignore the haters.
After 1:00 to OP a couple of lines were missing in the subs.
@nx6 you know, Naine and Kme are the one who encode and typeset this UTW release
@lerusso how nyaa.si settings the avatars?
40 seconds in… Jeanne: "arigatou gozaimasu" UTW translation: “god bless you” How much of this is here compared to, say, cancerous memesubs from FFF?
4:00 "With a cherry on top" - really??? There wasn't anything remotely close to that said there. So putting whatever the fuck you want which is not in the original script at all is acceptable now as a proper translation?
6:01 If I am not mistaken she said "shiru ka" which would be something like "I don't care", "I don't give a damn", "I don't give a fuck" It is NOT "Good riddance", not the same meaning at all.
Seems like there are mistranslations all over the place, poor translation quality.