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how many memes though
Not fake. https://utw.me/2017/07/02/fateapocrypha-01/
Holy shit, they're actually coming back. Thx for the subs
fansubing isn't dead after all
What the fuck?
Wow, thank you so much for translating Fansubs are on the rise once again
anime has been saved
Could we wait for Heaven's feel movies too ? Want to cry of happiness with your come back T-T
Where is fate UBW season2 BD?
Resurrection magic exists? Necromany is forbidden you know?
Hopefully a good group picks this up so we're not stuck with utw
Guess the servants weren't the only thing summoned.
Thx for the memes.
>tfw lived long enough to see UTW revive from the grave fuck yes
Just like Jesus Christ, resurrected on Sunday.
I'm only getting a black screen after I torrent. Sound still plays though. Is there something wrong in my end?
@faniki What video player are you using?
We don't deserve you guys. We'll be whoring around with HorribleSubs in no time.
@edgelord windows media player. it played one anime like an hour ago and now all of a sudden I can't see anything
Holy Moly!! Thank the animu lords for this...!
@faniki wtf man use mpchc/vlc/mpv/porplayer. Anything except MMP
@faniki Stop using that shit, download mpc-hc, is free and open-source.
oh. lmao okay thank you guys
They need more donations for med school, so they're back.
@Betterdeadthanred if fansubs return they better get some Patreon going. Shitty youtubers make money talking smack. Imagine these guys...
I'm literally shaking right now
man, this fate is garbage.
UTW be like : >Kept you waiting huh ?
Don’t like this new Fate iteration, waiting for the Heaven Feel movie (the best Fate for me was the original ero-game and anime adaptions), but i’m glad you guys back, fansub > streaming shitty services.
Heaven is real then... Hope you fully come back guys. UTW FTW!
Miracles really do exist.
what year is it
yes, Astolfo (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
I thought for sure this was fake, what the hell man. FINISH SYD SEASON 2 AND THE OVAS ALREADY
^ Shake Your Dick??


i want fate to die.
o__O ? edo tensei is real ?
makes fansubbing great again \ ( 'o') /
Go back to staying dead if you can't finish the rest of your shit.
Holy freaking shit look who is back! I guess all the Type Moon releases for this year have had a necromancy effect on UTW, would be great if they also do the UBW S2 blurays they left on eternal hold but I ain’t holding my breath for them
Also, thanks for coming back to sub Apocrypha.
Hail to the king baby!
May as well comment here for the memes.
Undead Translation Works
ara ara ma ma~~
arambe didnt die for this
I was glad to see the post on your web sight. Great to to have you back.Even if it is only for this one series. Thanks
More like unlimited miracle works!!! Thanks!!
Thanks for coming back and saving Fate!
yoooooo holy shit
Put me in the screenshot lads.
UTW saving anime
WW III confirmed.
[How come this guy is still alive given the humiliation he got?](https://nyaa.si/view/488386 "1 comment = 1 prayer")
We back homes! Pls keep on subbing, you guys are the best. (Also, pls finish UBW BD part 2 if that's not too much to ask, thx!)
When Netflix refuses to release weekly anime, when even HorribleSubs announced they were not going to release this, the anime community calls upon help from the Lord. Unlimited Blade Works shall rise once again!
tom stinx so bad
Hopefully you're back.
UTW is back! Thanks!
Whoa! UTW's back! BASED Thanks you!
*grabs popcorns is this still continue?
Include me in the screencap
why no 1080p, someone make it pls.
Woa this is really something to see Srsly
Thanks for the upload !!!
Please please, do a 1080p version
the best fansub group revives once again
>Please please, do a 1080p version go to future and rip netflex or go kys.
holy shit utw is back!
Welcome Back UTW and thanks for the subs
The azure might of UTW will take hold of nyaa once again.
Fansubbers got summoned back to the world. Welcome back.
pls 1080p pls pls pls pls pls pls
There aren't real 1080p airing anime. CR 1080p are just upscales, and not good ones.
So there's a spanish one in 1080p but we can't have an english one? I don't care if it's upscales still looks better.
>DarAR92 bullshit. The raw is 1080p , downscaling from 1080p is downgrade 100% of the time.
No 1080p? The fuck is this, 2008?
>fansubbers revived >start bitching at them for no 1080p wew lad
Begs for 1080p< Believing anime nowadays has real 1080p on TV< Ok.
thx commie friends :D
50k downloads o/
help me stand on the hand of no one distributes [PS2] 8 Games (Request filled for arapapa, Sozang) and here's the link. on hand https://nyaa.si/view/620326 please
here for history.
Wow. UTW R.I.P. Came here for the meme.