[ColdFusion] Dragon Ball Z-Kai The Final Chapters 56-57v2 (BD EN-JA)

2017-06-24 19:03 UTC
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**Stopgap release.** Here's what happened. To save time, I demuxed the audio and subtitles for episodes 56-64 all at once - well and good, *except I took the data from disc 1 instead of disc 2*. Fortunately, when it was caught, I had only released 2 episodes. I was going to wait and release these with the remaining 12 eps but I figured I'd go ahead and release them now.

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  • [ColdFusion] Dragon Ball Z-Kai The Final Chapters 56-57v2 (BD EN-JA)
    • Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 154 TFC 56 - Buu's Ace in the Hole! The Warriors Are Absorbed! (v2) [ColdFusion][FEB06DE8].mkv (483.5 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 155 TFC 57 - Rescue Gohan and the Others! Goku and Vegeta's Infiltration Mission! (v2) [ColdFusion][A9094690].mkv (474.4 MiB)
Hey sarachikorita, thanks a lot for doing this! On AnimeTosho, your encodes for eps. 1-12 & 13-23 are up there. Is there any chance you can upload the rest of the episodes there as well? If not that's fair enough. Thanks again!

sarachikorita (uploader)

What happened is the original Nyaa was taken down shortly after I released them. Hang in there, I'm going to release a 1-69 torrent.
@sarachikorita thanks for this, is there any change you could audio an audio only for the broadcast audio 01-291 of dbz please, it’d be allot more manageable I think you had an ep or 2 like that on the original nyaa
thanks mate keep it up
Thanks bro! can you also upload the remaining episodes? for NZB or torrent (NZB is best for full speed) I'm willing to donate to you

sarachikorita (uploader)

1. I don't have access to binary Usenet. 2. I don't take donations.
ok all good :D I will wait for the remaining uploads if you're planning to upload them soon. good job by the way
Thankyou so much for this again man, you're amazing! Eagerly awaiting the last set of eps!!