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2017-06-20 08:51 UTC
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https://myanimelist.net/manga/87640/Hibike_Euphonium__Kitauji_Koukou_Suisougaku-bu_e_Youkoso ~ [meep] Sound! Euphonium Light Novel https://nyaa.si/user/Darkmeep ~ Created by Ayano Takeda, Hami Tags: Music, School ~ https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sound-euphonium-light-novel-1 After a terrible experience in her past at the National Music Band Competition, Kumiko abandoned music once and for all. She starts her first year at Kitauji High School, she finds herself being roped back in. But their school's band is hopeless. There was a time where they had placed well in nationals, but now they can't even make it past their regional qualifiers. In the midst of all of this, Kumiko meets the last person she'd ever want to see again, Reina. Will Kitauji High manage to pull itself together with the day of the concert drawing ever closer?! ~ ~ I love reading and want to share what I have. I think there’s going to be more books but they’re not up for preorder yet.

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keep it up man \o/ you happen to have any of vertical's monogatari books? or the manga Domestic Girlfriend by Kodansha?

Darkmeep (uploader)

rickyhorror You mean these? NSFW book covers just in case anyone wants to go to it. https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-tale-of-boobs-chichi-monogatari
lol, no. o-O i mean this https://myanimelist.net/manga/14893/ i checked on kobo, it seems vertical is only releasing them via physical releases

Darkmeep (uploader)

haha oh man I was way off. Maybe in a year or two they'll do epub releases. I checked amazon yeah they only have physical releases for now boo.
it's all good n_n
@darkmeep LMAO would you believe I have an original pdf copy of that. I won it in a twitter raffle. xd

Darkmeep (uploader)

Need someone to upload this for like a minute