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![img]( Introduction: The umpteenth exchange between videogames and souls gave life to Z.O.E. 2167 Idol, OAV born from a rib of the Zone of the Enders game. Created by Konami for PlayStation 2, Z.O.E. has been called one of the best games for this console. In the game the protagonist is a boy involved in interplanetary discounts between the Earth and the colonies of Mars, whose inhabitants are called enders as they live at the end of the inhabited space. The war is fought with giant robots, the mecha Orbital Frame, including an experimental and biological, able to develop a personality of his own starting from that of his pilot. The amazing success of the game led to animation. The fantascentifica story set in a not too distant future, was then revived (revised and corrected) in OAV Z.O.E. 2167 Idol, where Mars is part of a federation led by the Earth, but intends to become independent. For this reason he develops a new weapon called Idol. The plot recalls Gundam, but the animation is very modern, with really adrenaline fighting scenes. Produced thanks to a collaboration between Vap and Sunrise, the anime boasts a screenplay by Shin Yoshida and a mecha design by Tsutomu Suzuki and Tsutomu Miyazawa. Sunrise is so satisfied with the result that it has already started production of a television series: "Z.O.E. Dolores, I "directed by Tetsuya Watanabe.In Italy came only the OAV published by Panini (this you are about to download), which with this DVD made its debut in the field of Japanese animation. Plot: Despite being set in the same futuristic world, the OTO of Zone Of the Enders (lasting 55 minutes) is not the actual animated transposition of the videogame, but rather the prequel that will reveal the background of what will later be called "the accident of Deimos "that is only marginally hinted at in the game, but that will be revealed to be the indispensable background. In an era of tensions accentuated by the ever increasing independence trends of the colonies of Mars, the UNSF (United Nations Space Forces) and the armed coalition of Bahram (created by the Martian colonies to oppose the UNSF) have now reached a state of war cold, and the continuous provocations on both sides threaten to demand their blood tribute soon. Two young pilots are tasked by the command of Bahram to test a new experimental weapon that could finally mark the definitive independence of Mars from Earth: the Orbital Frame. Radium Lavans, the most experienced of the two, is appointed official test driver, while Viola Gyunee is content to remain in the shadows, observing the successes. The new weapon, codenamed I DOLO, with its graceful atropomorphic forms and powerful weapons, is becoming increasingly effective day after day. Unfortunately it seems that the impressive progress in testing is gradually changing the character of Radium, which soon becomes cold and cynical, even in relationships with his girlfriend, the young and beautiful Dolores. Dr. Rachel Links, head of the Idol project, aided by Dolores herself, decides to investigate the mysterious changes in the character of Radium, which may be due to some unknown force acting within Idol. Unfortunately, the findings of Dr. Links will lead to a breakthrough as decisive as unexpected, exacerbated by the fact that the United Nations forces do not seem to be in the dark at the test of the new Orbital Frame. Will Radium succeed in overcoming the deep crisis in which it has fallen? What terrible mystery is hidden under the shining armor of I DOLO? ![img]( Details: Languages: Italian, English, Japanese - English subtitles (dialogues) Video format: 1080p x264 10bit 1.33: 1 1432x1080 pixels @ 3600 kbs Audio format: ac3 6ch Dolby 448 kbs, ac3 2ch Stereo 192 kbs, ac3 2ch 224 kbs Size: 1700 mb approx fps = 23.976 ![img]( For more please visit:

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