[PPP-Raw] Attention Students!

2017-06-14 22:10 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents: Attention Students! 6/14/17 https://www.otakubell.com/ https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=7198 Project notes: I don’t know a lot about this title except what I read on Wikipedia: The manga won awards, and this was the only animated adaptation, though there have been several live-action adaptations. It appears to be a shoujo slice-of-life type of thing. It has some comedy, it has some drama, it might be pretty good once translated, but nothing about the contents stand out to me. What does stand out was the laserdisc’s production values, which were terrible. This was the second worst case of jitter I’ve ever seen (the worst wasn’t one of mine, it was a raw of Kakyuusei vol 3 I filtered for Orphan). The cuts are rough. The transfer was exceptionally noisy. The cels are dirty. You’d think whoever put this together didn’t care one bit, which is what makes it all the more shocking when these lazy fucks actually dare to show their faces at the end! I guess, this being from the early days of OVAs, they didn’t know what to do with the rest of the disc as the show itself is only about 65 minutes long, so they included a set of behind-the-scenes footage. It should be noted that this behind-the-scenes footage was stable as a rock, no jitter at all, but had some bad 80s CG, which introduced dotcrawl issues into the mix instead. In the end, I spliced it up, applied two different initial filterchains, sticthced it back up, and proceeded with the normal filtering from there, though I had to turn the denoising filter up a notch, which in turn meant I had to add Gradfun3 to counter minor banding issues. Filtered X264 convesion and untouched high-bitrate DVD conversion included.

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This is very rare. Thanks bro you are rockss!!