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The Wolf Revolution has been put down by the Ryozan Alliance, but Ranmaru has stolen the iron mask, and it is now in the hands of Kyoshiro (aka Kage no Soto, the Shadow President.) Soto cannot figure out what the secret of the iron mask might be, but there is someone who does know: A mysterious old man held prisoner for years by Kamakura in the Black Rose Mansion. Using intelligence gained from a captured member of Seiroukai, Saki, Yukino, and Okyo storm the "Young Wolf Alliance" headquarters, but the place appears to have been deserted. All that remains is a cryptic message from Kyoshiro, telling Shiori (Saki) about the prisoner at the Black Rose Mansion... Whew, these last few episodes really push the story forward at a frantic pace. This is actually the very first episode of any of the Sukeban Deka series that I ever saw, thanks to a VHS trade with Laurine over 20 years ago. She sent me the last 6 episodes of SDII and the first episode of SDIII. This led to a search for more episodes via VHS trading, and I eventually bought some of the laser-discs when I started fan subtitling in the late 1990s. Special thanks to Phillip S. and Aardvark!

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