[RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) [Dual Audio] [BDRip] [Hi10] [1080p]

2017-06-06 08:55 UTC
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3.8 GiB
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Video: 1080p | h.264 | High10@L5.2 | CRF 16 | RH BDRip Audio 1: English (Default) ; 5.1 AC3 | 48.0 kHz | 640 kb/s Audio 2: Japanese ; 5.1 AC3 | 48.0 kHz | 640 kb/s Subtitles 1: Signs & Songs (Default) ; BDRip PGS Subtitles 2: Dialogue ; BDRip PGS ![img](https://s19.postimg.org/9b0e05ltv/vlcsnap-2017-06-06-01h43m25s081.png)

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  • [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu [CAB428BB].mkv (3.8 GiB)
Why every torrent files from RH 1080p I Need 720p
who neeeeds 720p?
Not FLAC this time?
thank you for this
Do i have to suck balls to watch this movie ? I can't find any source without this 5.1 audio damnation, I do not have 4-6 speaker i have 2, and i have 2 ear, i just want it to be simple stereo but in 1080p is this really hard to ask for ? I'm pretty dumb when i have to look at AC3, Flack, Dolby, and these sort of things, have downloaded the 4 most commonly known source and all of them were 5.1.. Meaning most of the audio is unhearable, non existent...
@veressfan you do realize that you can switch the audio settings in vlc to stereo and it will work perfectly fine right? l m a o
I got much better quality and file size (1.3G) by taking the 16GB version from BakaBT, and using these settings with latest HandBrake: https://imgur.com/a/YBQdULE Even if you wanted to preserve all audio & 5.1 channels, the efficiency is still much better. E: Proof: https://imgur.com/a/lpuwMEb (upper ones vs. lower ones)
For almost 2x faster encode & even smaller file size with miniscule differences (1.3G vs 985M), use "veryfast" with "ref=4:rc-lookahead=5" in the advanced options. ("Fast" defaults: ref=4:bframes=5:deblock=1,1:weightp=1:subme=6:psy-rd=0.4,0:aq-strength=0.6:rc-lookahead=30 "Veryfast" defaults: ref=1:bframes=5:deblock=1,1:weightp=1:subme=2:mixed-refs=0:trellis=0:psy-rd=0.4,0:aq-strength=0.6:rc-lookahead=10) I'll redo all my anime with these, because it saves enormous amounts of HDD with top 1080p quality. 3 samples (from original h.264 to custom encode): - 962M → 137M (-85%) - 15.9G → 985M (-90%) - 1.61G → 408M (-75%)
Thanks for the seeds!!!