[Best OP ever] Akachan to Boku (Baby and Me) 1996 Opening [ArabicDub][English Softsub].mkv

2017-05-25 11:11 UTC
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This Is One Of The Best Songs I've Ever Heard it's may be the best opening anime ever Here are the names of this anime: In Japan = Akachan To Boku In Arabia = Me and My Brother In America = Baby and Me This opening came to you with 3 tracks: 1- Main song: "Mommey" (with english sub by 99meemo99) 2- Main song Without rhythm 3- Main song Instrumental This opening was sang by: 1-Main singer: Hala Sabbagh (Girl) 2-Second voice: Rasha Rizq (Woman) 3-Choir: Tariq Al'arabi (Man) & Rasha Rizq (Woman) Random Arabic words: يدفع = Yadfaa = Push (The last A is heavy ع) يدفعني= Yadfaauni = Push me (The last A is heavy ع) ذكرى= Thikra = Memory زبد= Zabad = Foam يوم= Yawm = Day أيام= Ayyam = Days ناي= Naay = Flute كلمه= Kalima = Word كلمات= Kalimat = Words كلماتها= Kalimatu'ha = Her words أحلى= Ahla = Sweeter than (The H is heavy ح) قلب= Qalb = Heart قلبي= Qalbi = My heart تنسى= Tansa = Forget أخ= Akh = Brother أخاك= Akhak = Your brother يد= Yad = Hand يداك= Yadak = Your both hands بسام = Bassam = Smiling/ smiley نستسلم= Nastaslim = Give up آلام=Aalam = Pains ألم= A'lam = Pain Enjoy ^___^ **************************************** The Arabic version of Akachan To Boku is (c)Venus company & Spacetoon channel.

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  • [Best OP ever] Akachan to Boku (Baby and Me) 1996 Opening [ArabicDub][English Softsub].mkv (20.6 MiB)