2017-03-18 19:45 UTC
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Welcome; this is a project I wasn't really going to release but ended up releasing due to request. This was initially a project just for myself because the Persona 4 Golden undub that is floating around right now is pretty fucking terrible...stray english voices, subtitles way off timing, no typesetting, typos, mistranslated...the list goes on. I decided to make a proper undub with all of those things corrected. What a fucking hassle and load of problems at the finish line though. Lol. And four months later here it is! Enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played. :) \+ All movies have been retimed and retranslated to an extent \+ 100% Japanese voices \+ Typesetting \+ Minor image editing (broken images...what the heck Atlus? :/) Anyone want to buy me a new keyboard? ;o; Make sure you guys buy the game if you enjoyed it! Support the devs! Installation Help 1\. Unrar 2\. Transfer .vpk anywhere on your Vita. 3\. Install .vpk with VitaShell 4\. Play. Notes VGMToolbox for .usf videos, splits to .m2v video and .adx audio. Video for p4g must be 3.1 or it doesn't display video ingame. pngquant for images or it fucks up the .vpk Shoutouts Mugi, Asmo, Kotoba, and the other undubbers old and new still out there... Please report any bugs you guys find, should be flawless though. Enjoy!

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  • Persona_4_Golden_USA_UNDUB_PSV-nks
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thank you SO MUCH for keeping this seeded. will pay it forward (:
Just saying but you should have included the Japan exclusive content just... the Seiyuu interviews...
keeps crashing, says it has vitamin dump then aborts installation. Help
Can the game run on a psvita emulator?