Di-Patch for Chaos;Head PC

2017-01-29 13:55 UTC
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This patch is based on the RC2 LH3 english version of the game. It also works on the prepatched version uploaded here on nyaa. Changelog: -Chapter 3 bug fixed (text that should have floated up on screen didn't) -Chapter 6 bug fixed (selecting a trigger during delusion trigger 28 would have skipped an important scene) -Chapter 7 bug fixed (loading a save from chapter 7 would have crashed the game) -Chapter 9 bug fixed (a lot of text boxes were skipped over and the sprites were messed up as a result) -changing "300-man Committee" to "Committee of 300" to keep in line with other Science Adventure novels -changing "Knight-Hart" to "Neidhardt" to keep in line with the official Steins;Gate translation and the romanization in Robotics;Notes; this includes the background CGs and videos -changing "Silverfish-sis" to "Sister Centipede" to keep in line with the Robotics;Notes translation -changing "giga-lo-maniac" and "Gigalow Maniac" to "Gigalomaniac"; this includes the video at the beginning of chapter 9 -changing "Church of God's natural born light" to "Cosmic Church of The Divine Light" -changing "animate" and "animeit" to "Animeight" to keep everything consistent -changing "Loft" to "Roft" as the name is shown in CGs -fixing various typos and line breaks -fixing the text flowing out of the box in the B End -changing measurements back to metric system instead of localized imperial system -translating the videos at the beginning of each chapter; 将軍 -> Shogun 妄想 -> delusion -inserting text to subtitle a background voice in chapter 8 -changing the BGM in chapter 6 from "Town Vanguard" to "Shogun" in the scene after delusion trigger 28 and before delusion trigger 29 ("Shogun" would otherwise go unused and in Chaos;Head Noah "Shogun" is used instead of "Town Vanguard" for this scene) -changing the OP movie to a better translation Remember to seed! Ps: it might seem like it's freezing during patching, but it's not.

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