ACGNHPCol backup

2017-01-12 02:45 UTC
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4.6 TiB
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I separate the torrent from 5 parts for reducing the site one torrent,just search ACGNHPCol in nyaa. PLZ Feedback if your guys hava download speed or not. ACGNHP Col@20161212 ACGNHP Col is a project for collecting ACGN contents on websites like yande,konachan,eshuushuu,safebooru,gelbooru,sankaku,and so on. ACGNHP Col@20161212 is the first version of ACGNHP Col.It rebuilds from ACGN huntingproject,I lost almost of the files because my harddrivers broke,it's so sorry for those people who downloaded the torrents : ACGN Hunting Project V1.0/ACGN Hunting Project Update1/ACGNHP Update2 20140601/ACGNHP Update3 gelbooru all-site pack/ACGNHP Update4 safebooru all-site pack(5 torrents total) the new version of ACGNHP Col have 4.59TB millions files of images and webm files from aniem paper site. =============================================================================================================================================================================== The dump sites and number IDs,if you want details,plz check the link below. Files type: PNG/JPG/JPEG/Gif/webm site/number ID/ ID:1 to ID:3470395 ID:1 to ID:202329 ID:1 to ID:1810000 ID:1 to ID:377302 ID:1640867 to ID:1726214 =============================================================================================================================================================================== if you have something wrong with the download files,plz check the folder X:\\ACGNHP Col\\ReadmeCol\\readme ver1.0 in hash folder,you can check the hash of every archive files,if have any file broke,you can recovery it,I add 3% recovery record.Update your winrar to newest version,the archive format is RAR5. in siteshortcut folder ,it's shortcut for every site preview. in tracker folder,it's tracker i used in this torrent. in version folder,it's update for every verions detail. =============================================================================================================================================================================== Feedback:give your suggest to e-mail: =============================================================================================================================================================================== Next site will be sankaku and eshuushuu,I already have 1.04TB files about the two sites.but not collected in this torrent. =============================================================================================================================================================================== Seed and Share

File list is not available for this torrent.

How to chew 5 gums >4.6 TiB Stimulate your senses.
holy shit 4.6 tb. Welcome to the biggest file on nyaa!
It´s a pic of mi p...
我操, 4.6 TB 6666666
Not enough space. :(
I Want do download it, but why my speed stuck at 0.01 KB/s ? the calculate time it finished at 99 Years it says
so I assume here is all pictures ever posted on the sites you mentioned? seems interensting, I'll download about 10 gigs for test
Wtf is even ACGNHP? Never heared about that shit
ฉันรู้สึกประหลาดใจอย่างมาก เพราะฉันไม่สามารถดาวน์โหลดมันได้เลย ฮา ๆๆ ๆ vais me comenter de regarder la liste pour voir si quelque choce m'intéresse j'ai AUCUNE chance d'avoir de la place pour tout sa
C'est tu normale que la récupération de la méta donner soie SI long ?
<---- Me when i saw 4.6TiB
hey Guys! I think this torrent is dead because it is been 6 hours!!! but still it only shows retrieving metadata!!! The torrent is not downloading!!it is not even 0.1% still remain 0.0%
Yeha it's a shame after a while Vuze client says: No sources were found for the torrent.
are these at least sexy pics?
I lost faith in humanity
If anyone own and can share the .torrent file with a ddl link (google drive, mega...) Thanks :)
This is forever dead. Only the uploader has it. No one has even downloaded this. R.I.P. ?
what in the baka world is this shit whats the content !!!!!!!
nice dickkkk bro
**@AmarokCinico** Pretty sure this is **mostly doujinshi,** and a bunch of other random **shit.** The links put up have previews. **4.6TB** is just shameless lol. If this ever finishes seeding, I'm gonna have the last laugh.
Pensé que un anime en formato BDMV iba a ocupar este preciado lugar.
Eu nem sabia que isso era possivel
1 Seed. Holy fuck. Someone could be seeding this.