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This is my personal Edits on the Naruto Shippūden **Manga canon** episodes between **424-479** (17 episodes in total), I basically **Timed, Edited, Typesetted and Styled** them to Taka/Kurama's. As mentioned in [Ep.469-479](https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=878860)'s Torrent • I used **SOFCJ's BS-J Raws** which have the best Quality for NS. (thnx mate ;) ) • For Episodes **424-474**; I used [Xirix](https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=853349)'s Edited subs of **NotWCP** (xDeathTheKid) as a base where I further Edited, Timed, Typesetted and Styled. what **Xirix** did: Quote:Xirix -Names and terms corrected when applicable, for example: Jounin instead of Jonin, Chouji instead of Choji. \[which I (kBaraka) changed to → Jōnin, Chūnin, used Macrons ō, ū instead of ou, uu\] -Dub/CR mannerisms corrected to Taka/Kurama's style, examples include: Shannaro is translated to 'Hell yeah' instead of 'Cha' (This one hurts my brain, she doesn't always use it as a warcry so Cha makes little sense sometimes) Shino's mannerism of saying 'Why? Because etc' rather than 'It's because etc'. Same deal with attacks, example Katon is now 'Fire Element' instead of 'Fire Style'. Any attacks with a different translation have been changed to what they were called in Taka/Kurama releases, for instance Edo Tensei is 'Ressurection from the Impure World' instead of simply 'Reincarnation Jutsu' or whatever they went with. -Honorifics added and names put in the correct japanese order (Uchiha Sasuke instead of Sasuke Uchiha for example). Some other minor changes such as small grammar correction, and sometimes CR will miss a word from a sentence or use the wrong tense, so any instances of that have been fixed. Like what Xirix did, I made Edits where he missed them and attack TL but the majority of changes over his is the **timing and TS**. • For Ep.**471**: I added TS based on what Kurama/Hatsuyuki used for the Obito flashbacks. • Styled the **OPs/EDs** to look better. • For Episodes **475-479**: I took CR scripts and completely reworked them; Timing, Editing, Typesetting and Styling them. • For Ep.476: I used Naruke's Tl of Promo as a base (thnx Naruke), where I timed, Edited and Typesetted it. In this Episode I used a neat trick with the chapters where you have **Two Editions** of chapters; **1- Promo + Episode 2- Episode only** you can [choose](http://puu.sh/sBMbv/7f87513cb9.jpg) between them with your splitter, be it Haali, LAV, or even the player's own splitter ;) **tl;dr: I Basically Timed, Edited, TS the subs on the best Raws available.** My Thanks goes to **Taka/Kurama Staff, SOFCJ, xDeathTheKid and Xirix** (who QC'ed Ep.475-479). I just thought I'd share a good version of the Naruto Shippūden's Manga canon episodes, **Enjoy** :) _• In case of no seed: [XDCC](https://animk.info/xdcc/?search=kBaraka)_

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