GeGeGe no Kitaro (1996) [TSHS - HnG] episode 01 [52F86C64].mp4

2016-11-12 21:26 UTC
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![Image]( ![Image]( Here's the first episode of the 1990s reboot of GeGeGe no Kitaro, far more satisfying than the 1980s version in my opinion. Apparently creator Shigeru Mizuki asked the production team to give this version a somewhat Hayao Miazaki-esque flavor, and this influence can be seen in the color styling and some of the human character designs, as well as even more of an emphasis on human development disrupting existing ecosystems (thus awakening dormant Yokai, as in this episode). This is a joint production with Hokuto no Gun, be sure to check out their site here: While I've mentioned before that it doesn't seem likely that we will be able to subtitle all 439 episodes in my lifetime, you can expect to see at least some episodes from all 5 TV series eventually, and we do plan on doing all of the movies. Big thanks to SakoeraTyan for hooking us up with the Japanese closed captions from the current reruns in Japan. This is a big help, so look forward to seeing more fourth series episodes in the near-ish future. And the first two series are still my personal favorites, we will be continuing to subtitle those as time permits.

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  • GeGeGe no Kitaro (1996) [TSHS - HnG] episode 01 [52F86C64].mp4 (276.9 MiB)